DNA Replication and Human Disease


Dedication, xi

Preface, xv

Cellular DNA Replication

  1. Dupliation of DNA in Eukaryotic Cells, 1
    Thomas J. Kelly and Bruce Stillman
  2. Eukaryotic DNA Replication Origins, 31
    Mirit I. Aladjem, Arturo Falaschi, and David Kowalski
  3. Assembly of Pre-replication Complexes, 63
    Umasundari Sivaprasad, Anindya Dutta, and Stephen P. Bell
  4. Activation of Pre-replication Complexes, 89
    Johannes C. Walter and Hiroyukio Araki
  5. Eukaryotic DNA Replication Forks, 105
    Peter M.J. Burgers and Yeon-Soo Seo
  6. Chromatin Assembly, 121
    Paul D. Kaufman and Genevíeve Almouzni
  7. Inheritence of Genomic Methylation Patterns, 141
    Robert A. Rollins, Marc Damelin, and Timothy H. Bestor
  8. Termination of DNA Replication, 155
    Deepak Bastia and Bidyut K. Mohanty
  9. DNA Replication and Nuclear Architecture, 175
    David M. Gilbert and Susan M. Gasser
  10. Temporal Order of DNA Replication, 197
    Anne D. Donaldson and Carl L. Schildkrewt
  11. DNA Replication during Animal Development and Its Relevance to Gene Expression, 217
    Damien Grégoire and Marcel Méchali
  12. Developmental Gene Amplificaiton, 233
    Brian R. Calvi
  13. Plant Cells and Viruses, 257
    Crisanto Gutierrez
  14. Archeal, Bacterial, and Eukaryal DNA Replication Machines, 273
    Stephen D. Bell

Regulation of DNA Replication and Cell Proliferation

  1. Regulating Initiation Events in yeats, 295
    Etienne Schwob and Karim Labib
  2. Regulating Initiation Events in Metazoa, 313
    Melvin L. DePamphilis and J. Julian Blow
  3. Responses to Aberrant DNA Replication and DNA Damage in Yeats, 335
    Marco Foiani, Sanjay Kumar, and Joel A Huberman
  4. Responses to Aberrant DNA Replication and DNA Damage in Metazoa, 357
    Jean Gautier and Jiri Bartek

Cellular DNA Replication and Human Disease

  1. DNA Damage and Human Disease, 377
    Errol C. Friedberg
  2. DNA Polymerases and the Fidelity of DNA Replication, 391
    Polina V. Scherbakova and Thomas A. Kunkel
  3. The Role of RF-C and PCNA Proteins in Maintaining Genomic Stability, 411
    Toshiki Tsurimoto
  4. DNA Helicases and Human Disease, 435
    Ashwini S. Kamath-Loeb, Michael Fry, and Lawrence A. Loeb
  5. DNA Replication, Repeat Instability, and Human Disease, 461
    John D. Cleary, Albert R. La Spada, and Christopher E. Pearson
  6. DNA Replication and Cancer, 481
    William C. Burhans, Antony M. Carr, and Geoffrey M. Wahl
  7. Cancer Diagnosis and DNA Replication, 501
    Nicholas Coleman, Anthony D. Mills, and Ronald A. Laskey
  8. Pharmacological Agents That Target DNA Replication, 519
    Yves Pommier and Robert B. Diasio
  9. Mitochondrial DNA Replication and Human Disease, 547
    David A. Clayton and Nils-Göran Larson
  10. Telomere DNA Replication, Telomerase, and Human Disease, 561
    David C.F. Sealy, Virginia A. Zakian, and Lea Harrington

Viral DNA Replication and Human Disease

  1. Parvovirus, 593
    Susan F. Cotmore and Peter Tattersall
  2. Papillomavirus, 609
    Louise T. Chow and Thomas R. Broker
  3. Polomavirus, 627
    Ellen Fanning and James M. Pipas
  4. Adenovirus, 645
    Peter C. van der Vliet and Rob C. Hoeben
  5. Herpes Simplex Virus, 663
    Sandra K. Weller and Donald M. Coen
  6. Epstein-Barr Virus, 687
    Wolfgang Hammerschmidt and Bill Sugden
  7. Poxvirus, 707
    Bernard Moss and Frank De Silva
  8. Hepadnavirus, 729
    Christoph Seeger and William S. Mason

Appendix 1

A. Molecular Interaction Maps of DNA Replication, 745
Mirit I. Aladjem and Kurt W. Kohn

B. The Evolutionary History of Proteins Involved in Pre-replication Complex Assembly, 751
Lakshminarayan M. Iyer and L. Aravind

Appendix 2

Table I. Size and Complexity of Eukaryotic Genomes, 761

Table II. Names and Abbreviates for Organisms, Genes, and Protein Complexes, 762

Table III. Nomenclature for Proteins and Protein Complexes in Different Organisms, 766

Table IVA. Phyletic Distribution of Proteins Invovled in Pre-replication Complex Assembly, 778

Table IVB. Alternative Names for Orthologs, 780

Table V. Cellular Concentrations of Replication Origins and Pre-replication Complex Proteins, 782

Table VI. Human Diseases Associated with Defects in DNA Replication or Repair, 784

Table VII. Therapeutic Drugs That Target DNA Replication, 792

Index, 797

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