DNA Replication in Eukaryotic Cells

Table of Contents


  1. Mechanisms for Replicating DNA, 1
    G.S. Brush and T.J. Kelly
  2. Origins of DNA Replication, 45
    M.L. DePamphilis
  3. Roles of Transcription Factors in DNA Replication, 87
    P.C. van der Vliet
  4. Roles of Nuclear Structure in DNA Replication, 119
    R. Laskey and M. Madine
  5. Mechanisms for Priming DNA Synthesis, 131
    M. Salas, J.T. Miller, J. Leis, and M.L. DePamphilis
  6. Mechanisms for Completing DNA Replication, 177
    D. Bastia and B.K. Mohanty
  7. Fidelity of DNA Replication, 217
    J. D. Roberts and T.A. Kunkel
  8. DNA Excision Repair Pathways, 249
    E.C. Friedberg and R.D. Wood
  9. Chrmoatin Structure and DNA Replication: Implications for Transcriptional Activity, 271
    A.P. Wolffe
  10. Roles of Phosphorylation in DNA Replication, 295
    K. Weisshart and E. Fanning
  11. Control of S Phase, 331
    K. Nasmyth
  12. Temporal Order of DNA Replication, 387
    I. Simon and H. Cedar
  13. Changes in DNA Replication during Animal Development, 409
    J. L. Carminati and T.L. Orr-Weaver
  14. Comparison of DNA Replication in Cells from Prokarya and Eukarya, 435
    B. Stillman


  1. Cellular DNA Polymerases, 461
    T.S-F. Wang
  2. Viral DNA Polymerases, 495
    D.M. Coen
  3. DNA Replication Accessory Proteins, 525
    U. Hübscher, G. Maga, and V.N. Podust
  4. DNA Helicases, 545
    J. A. Borowiec
  5. DNA Ligases, 575
    R. Nash and T. Lindahl
  6. DNA Topoisomerases, 587
    A. Hangaard Andersen, C. Bendixen, and O. Westergaard
  7. DNA Telomerases, 619
    C.W. Greider, K. Collins, and C. Autexier


  1. SV40 and Polyomavirus and DNA Replication, 639
    J.A. Hassell and B.T. Brinton
  2. Papillomavirus DNA Replication, 679
    A. Stenland
  3. Advenovirus DNA Replication, 699
    R. T. Hay
  4. Heresvirus DNA Replication, 721
    M. Challberg
  5. Epstein-Barr Virus DNA Replication, 751
    J. L. Yates
  6. Poxvirus DNA Replication, 775
    P. Traktman
  7. Parvovirus DNA Replication, 799
    S. F. Cotmore and P. Tattersall
  8. Replication of the Hepatits Virus Genome, 815
    C. Seeger and W.S. Mason
  9. Geminivirus DNA Replication, 833
    D.M. Bisaro
  10. Baculovirus DNA Replication, 855
    C.H. Ahrens, D.J. Leisy, and G.F. Rohrmann
  11. DNA Replication in Yeast, 873
    C.S. Newlon
  12. DNA Replication in Tetrahymena, 915
    G.M. Kapler, D.L. Dobbs, and E.H. Blackburn
  13. DNA Replication in Physarum, 933
    G. Pierron and M. Bénard
  14. Differential DNA Replication in Insects, 947
    S.A. Gerbi and F.D. Urnov
  15. DNA Replication in Xenopus, 971
    J.J. Blow and J.P.J. Chong
  16. DNA Replication in Mammals, 983
    N.H. Heintz
  17. DNA Replication in Plants, 1005
    J. Van't Hof
  18. Mitochondrial DNA Replication, 1015
    D.A. Clayton
  19. Kinetoplast DNA Replication, 1029
    A.F. Torri, L.J. Rocco Carpenter, and P.T. England
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