Frequently Asked Questions for RFA-HD-16-036 and RFA-HD-16-037

Link to funding opportunity announcements: “Using Omics to Define Human Placental Development and Function Across Pregnancy”
RFA-HD-16-036 (R01)
RFA-HD-16-037 (R21)


The RFAs state that samples must span at least 2 trimesters. Do samples taken at term count as one of the two?
Yes, we will accept applications for which there is one sample taken during the first or second trimester and one taken at term.

Will collection and analysis of non-placental data be allowed to be included in the application?
These RFAs are for development of profiles that reflect placental development and function. For this reason, we require the use of placentally derived samples. However, we recognize the potential value of augmenting these samples with non-placental data, and so they may be proposed as supplementary to the primary data set.

Are applications from foreign organizations allowed? Do they have to be partnered with someone in the U.S.?
Applications from foreign organizations are allowed, and there is no requirement to be partnered with a U.S. institution. Please be sure to follow the instructions and links provided in the funding announcement.

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