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In My Village

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In My Village

By Paula Young Shelton

When I'm afraid
Of the dark at night
My granddaddy's big hands
Hold me tight

When I am sad
And feeling gray
My auntie's smile
Brightens up my day

When I am lonely
With no one to care
My friend is there
With funny stories to share

When I'm worried
And don't know what to do
My mama's comforting words
Help to see me through

I can call my daddy
When I'm in a mess

If I need to talk
My teacher is the best

My brother is the one
When I want to have fun

And when I need someone to care
My sister is always there

Our village is a special thing
Made of family, friends and preachers,
Neighbors, shopkeepers and teachers.

The village protects us, keeps us safe
Molds us, shapes us, shows us the way.
Helps us to make it through each and every day.

Last Reviewed: 09/13/2006
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