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Video Text Alternative: Inside the NICHD: Dr. Anna Pollack on Sharing Data

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Inside the NICHD:
Dr. Pollack explains how investigators share the BioCycle data

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GRAPHIC SLIDE:Anna Pollack, Ph.D.

Dr. Pollack on camera.
Dr. Anna Pollack: The process of looking at an additional, or measuring an additional, biomarker in the BioCycle study: You present a proposal to the study group and then, if they approve of that project, then you can seek funding for that proposal, and then the project can move forward. And so right now, that's one of the things that I'm currently doing. I was very interested in how these very common chemical exposures—you may have heard of bisphenol A and then some other chemicals, such as things that are in common consumer products, like toothpaste and sunscreens and things like that—so I'm measuring some biomarkers from those chemicals in stored samples from the BioCycle study. And what I'm hoping that'll give more insight into is how those common chemical exposures may affect reproductive hormone levels in healthy women.
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