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Video Text Alternative: Inside the NICHD: Taking the Message to Myriad Audiences

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Inside the NICHD:
Ms. Childress discusses her biggest work challenge

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GRAPHIC SLIDE: Kerri Childress

Ms. Childress on camera.
Ms. Kerri Childress: My own personal biggest challenge is getting over this hill of learning all the acronyms and a lot of medical terminology, which is very new to me. So, I reach out to all of our staff and say, “Thank you very, very much for your patience as I do learn this, because it’s not something you can learn quickly.” So my own personal challenge is really understanding research, understanding the medical terms, and oh my goodness, figuring out what all the acronyms are. The challenge I think professionally and for our Institute as far as communications goes, I think the challenge is looking for new ways to really reach our myriad of audiences, and we have a lot of audiences. It’s not just the general public. It’s our scientists, it’s our professional organizations, it’s clinicians, so many different organizations. How do we reach those organizations with messages that resonate to them? You must, must segregate your messaging to be pertinent to each of those audiences. That’s very difficult to do, and it’s a real challenge, but one that we have to do. It’s not an option. We just have to do that if we are going to succeed as an Institute, and really move forward and be a leader in research not just in the country, but in the world.
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