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Video Text Alternative: Inside the NICHD: Dr. Paul Albert on Biostatistics in Study Design

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Inside the NICHD:
Learn how Dr. Albert works with NICHD investigators

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GRAPHIC SLIDE: Paul Albert, Ph.D.

Dr. Albert on camera.

Dr. Paul Albert: As Branch Chief I’m involved in and I know of every study—so I’m part of the senior leadership of the Division. We meet every month or more often than every month, and we discuss every project, every major study of the Division. As such, I know of these studies and get my staff, my investigators, involved in every one. So either I’m involved or they’re involved in the study from the start. And we basically participate in all of the meetings, the phone calls, ranging from, again, the design, to data collection, to things you may think a statistician doesn’t get involved in; we still go.

Camera Cut.

Dr. Albert on camera.

Dr. Albert: So we are looking at starting from design, sample size, what is the best design, and then analysis, analysis planning, writing an analysis plan, so every study that we do, we are involved in and usually lead the analysis plan. So we write down every step of what we plan to do, we discuss it with the investigators, and then we have the analysis done. We are involved in the analysis. We then communicate back and forth, we change and update the analysis, and we are involved every step of the way. And then through those analyses and questions, we then do some of our own methodological research, coming up with new designs. So in subsequent studies we’ll be able to do future design in a better and more efficient way.

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