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Inside the NICHD

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The success of the NICHD relies on the contributions of all its employees-from the laboratory researcher to the grants administrator to the Director. This section provides a look inside the NICHD at the people who comprise the Institute and their many talents. Without the creativity and skill of its dedicated staff, the Institute could not be a leader in research on the health of children, adults, families, and populations. Select a link below to learn more.

Dr. Lisa Halvorson
Dr. Lisa Halvorson: Renewed Focus on Women’s Health (5/19/2015)
The Gynecologic Health and Disease Branch is a relative newcomer to the NICHD family, even though gynecologic research has been an important part of the institute’s portfolio since it was founded. Branch chief Dr. Lisa Halvorson talks about her vision for the branch and how she sees it influencing women’s health.
Dr. Joan C. Han
Dr. Joan C. Han: Finding the Genetic Roots of Obesity (1/15/2015)
In her clinical research studies, pediatric endocrinologist Joan C. Han, M.D., meets with patients whose bodies never feel "full" no matter what or how much they eat. Learn what studying people with these rare disorders can tell us about common forms of childhood obesity.
Dr. Shavon Artis
Dr. Shavon Artis: Leading Safe to Sleep® into a New Decade (12/4/2014)
For 20 years, the Safe to Sleep® campaign has led the effort to reduce rates of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and, more recently, other sleep-related infant deaths. Dr. Shavon Artis is the guiding force behind the campaign.
Dr. Catherine Spong
Dr. Catherine Y. Spong: New Role for Longtime NICHD Champion (9/17/2014)
Following decades of pioneering contributions to the work and mission of the Institute, Dr. Spong takes on the job of Deputy Director.
Dr. Yvonne Maddox
Dr. Yvonne T. Maddox: 28.5 Years—and Counting—at NIH (7/29/2014)
Former NICHD Deputy Director Yvonne Maddox reflects on how her family, mentors, and the NIH have shaped who she is.
Kerri Childress
Kerri Childress: Making a Daily Impact on Lifelong Health (2/27/2014)
What's the best way to convey the power of research to improve people's lives? NICHD Communications Director Kerri Childress explains how she rises to this challenge every day.
Dr. Anna Z. Pollack 
Dr. Anna Z. Pollack: Launching a Research Career (10/17/2013)
Does exposure to mercury, lead, and other heavy metals affect women's reproductive health? Intramural Research Training Award Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Anna Z. Pollack gained vital research skills during her time at the NICHD working to answer that question.
Dr. Paul Albert 
Dr. Paul Albert: Taming the Data Tide (7/3/2013)
Paul Albert, Ph.D., uses statistics to tease meaning from seemingly overwhelming amounts of data. His work helps NICHD investigators find the patterns on a range of topics from premature birth and exposure to toxins, to teenage driver accidents.
Dr. Valerie Maholmes 
Dr. Valerie Maholmes: Exploring the power of the parent–child bond (3/4/2013)
When Valerie Maholmes, Ph.D., was young, she observed the power of a girl's bond to her abusive mother. Dr. Maholmes didn't know it at the time, but it was her first step to a career focusing on childhood abuse and neglect.
Dr. Tonse Raju: A 'fantastic specialty' (11/30/2012)
Dr. Tonse Raju reflects on his career in neonatal medicine, the advances sparked by NICHD, and on how a surprise package sent from NIH to his dorm room in India changed his life.
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