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Segment #9
Smoothie Sensations

Running time: 3:11
Hands washing in kitchen sink

Billy washes his hands in kitchen; bowls with different types of fruit and other smoothie ingredients sit in containers on kitchen counter

[SOUND] Sound of water running from the kitchen sink.
Billy talks on camera in kitchen; he finishes washing his hands and dries them with paper towel Billy: Hey there. I'm just getting ready to whip up a fruit smoothie, one of my favorite snacks. They're fun to make, taste great, and they're good for you.
Billy talks on camera in kitchen Billy: Here, I'll show you.
Billy picks up banana

Billy's hand peels banana
Billy: Now, I like to start mine off with half a ripe banana . . .
"Half ripe banana" text appears on screen; camera shot freezes on Billy's hand breaking off half of banana Voice-over: Half ripe banana.
Billy puts half banana into blender container

Spoon scoops frozen blueberries into measuring cup
Billy:. . . then, scoop in half a cup of frozen berries.
"Half cup frozen berries" text appears on screen; camera shot freezes on bowl of frozen blueberries Voice-over: Half cup frozen berries.
Billy talks while scooping blueberries into measuring cup

Billy raises half cup of blueberries to the camera

Billy pours blueberries into blender container
Billy: Now, I'm using blueberries; they make a great color.
Billy picks up ice cream scooper

Ice cream scooper scoops frozen vanilla yogurt from yogurt container
Billy: Next, I scoop in half a cup of frozen vanilla yogurt.
"Half cup low-fat or fat-free frozen yogurt" text appears on screen; camera shot freezes on ice cream scooper scooping yogurt from container Voice-over: Half cup frozen yogurt.
Billy scoops frozen yogurt into blender container  
Billy's hand pours milk into measuring cup Billy: All right. And lastly, you guessed it, half a cup of milk.
"Half cup low-fat or fat-free milk" text appears on screen; camera shot freezes on milk pouring into measuring cup Voice-over: Half cup milk.
Billy talks on camera while pouring milk Billy: Be sure to choose fat-free or low-fat milk in yogurt.
Billy pours milk from measuring cup into blender container  
Billy talks on camera in kitchen; Billy points to smoothie ingredients in blender container Billy: So, this is your basic smoothie recipe . . .
Camera shot freezes on Billy pointing at container; text listing ingredients appears on screen

Text listing smoothie ingredients appears on screen: "½ banana, ½ c. Berries, ½ c. Yogurt, ½ c. Milk"
Voice-over: Banana, berries, yogurt, milk
Billy talks on camera in kitchen Billy:. . . but you can mix it up in lots of ways.
Clip of bowl of raspberries

Billy talks on camera in kitchen
Billy: Different kinds of fresh or frozen fruit . . .
Billy points out milk and yogurt

Clip of bowl of ice cubes
Billy:. . . different flavors of fat-free or low-fat frozen yogurt, a couple of ice cubes if you're using fresh fruit—whatever, it's up to you.
Billy talks on camera in kitchen Billy: You see the great thing about smoothies besides being totally tasty is that they are an excellent way to get calcium, thanks to the milk and the yogurt.
Boy drinking glass of milk

Girl eating string cheese
Billy: Calcium is a mineral that's important to your body in many ways.
Youth's feet jumping rope

Youth watch girl jump rope
Billy: Along with weight-bearing activities . . .
Billy talks on camera in kitchen Billy:. . . calcium helps to keep your bones strong, especially when you're young and still growing.  And you need strong bones if you wanna be active and do things like . . .
Youth run toward balls in a gym

Boy dances in a school setting

Girl volleys the tennis ball with her racket on an outside court
Billy:. . . running, dancing, playing tennis . . .

[SOUND] Tennis ball hitting a racket.
Girl does a somersault from the diving board into an outdoor pool; girl splashes into pool Billy:. . . or lots of other things you'd like to do.
Billy talks on camera in kitchen Billy: I'll bet you didn't know that most young people today don't get nearly enough calcium. Now is a really important time to add calcium to your diet to make your bones strong.
Cow mooing [SOUND] Cow mooing
Youth's hand uses spoon to scoop yogurt from container

Group of three girls eat yogurt outside

Hand reaches into refrigerator and picks up package of cheese

Block of Colby cheese sitting in refrigerator
Billy: Foods like fat-free and low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese are loaded with calcium, but they aren't the only ways to get it.
Billy talks on camera in kitchen

Clip of spinach salad in bowl

Clip of almonds in bowl

Clip of beans in bowl
Billy: Other foods also contain calcium but in smaller amounts, like spinach, almonds, and cooked dried beans.
Billy talks on camera in kitchen Billy: You can also get calcium from foods that have had calcium added to them . . . 
Clip of glass of orange juice

Clip of bowl of cereal

Clip of glass of soy milk and soy milk container
Billy:. . . like some orange juices, breakfast cereals, and soy drinks.
Billy talks on camera in kitchen; holds up orange juice carton

Billy's hand points to nutrition facts label on carton
Billy: Now, you can tell by looking at the Nutrition Facts label.
Billy talks on camera in kitchen Billy: So, there you have it. For strong bones and teeth, make sure you get your calcium every day.

Billy talks on camera in kitchen; Billy holds up lid to blender container

Billy puts blender container onto blender machine

Billy: Now, I think it's time we give the smoothie a whirl.

Voice-over: Oh, yeah.

Billy: Here we go.
Billy places hand on top of blender lid and pushes button on blender

Ingredients in blender start to spin

Smoothie blending
[SOUND] Sound of blender mixing smoothie.
Billy's hand pours smoothie into cup

Smoothie pours into cup

Billy smiles and holds up cup of smoothie

Billy drinks smoothie

Billy puts two thumbs up
Screen fades to black [MUSIC OUT]
Picture of cow with attribution "Select Footage from U.S. Dairy Export Council" [SOUND] Sound of cow mooing.