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Segment #5
Eat it up!

Running time 3:21
Billy enters on screen with white backdrop then talks [MUSIC IN]

Billy: Hey there, I'm Billy. I know that so far you've learned a lot of great things about food and nutrition. So let me tell you what I'm here to talk to you about—one of my favorite things, snacks.
Film images appear on screen behind Billy:

Fruit in bowl

Hand scoops frozen yogurt

Hand peels banana

Blender blends smoothie

Cheese dip pours onto nachos

Blue slushie pours into cup

Hotdogs turn on grill

Billy: Now, snacking is fun, and it can be good for our bodies, but it's not always easy to snack and cut back on foods that are high in fat, added sugar, and calories.
Three girls walk with book bags outside

Boy dives into outdoor swimming pool

Girl throws ball while playing dodgeball in gym

Two boys play table hockey

Golf club hits ball

Boys play basketball outside

Boy shoots basketball
Billy: You know, we're busy with school, sports, activities, friends.
Girl puts coin in vending machine

Girl's hand pushes buttons on vending machine

Vending machine releases bag of cookies

Menu posted on restaurant wall; menu reads: "Surfside Snacks Food and Price Menu"

Hands wearing sanitation gloves push soft drink and container of nachos with dip

Hand pours blue slushie into cup
Billy: We eat on the run, and temptations to make other choices are all around us.
Billy talks on screen

Images of fruit appear on white screen behind Billy

Girl eats yogurt

Girl drinks from bottle of water

Image of fruit in basket
Billy: But, never fear, I'm here to tell you about some awesome ways to reduce fat and added sugar in your snacks.
Girl opens door and enters house; girl closes door and hangs her book bag on staircase banister

Girl goes into kitchen and picks up bag of chips off counter

Girl opens bag of Fritos

Girl's hands open bag of Doritos

Boy opens bag of UTZ potato chips
Billy: It's like this. Let's say you come home from school and you're hungry for a snack. You hit the kitchen and you grab a big bag of chips.

[SOUND] Sound of bag of chips being opened (repeated).
Hand opens fridge

Girl grabs bottle of soda from refrigerator

Hands open bottle of soda

Girl drinks from soda bottle

Hand tilts soda bottle to drink
Billy: Thirsty, so you grab a 20-ounce bottle of soda.

[SOUND] Fizz sound from a bottle of soda being opened (repeated).
Girl's hand on computer keyboard; girl's hand digs into potato chip bag

Girl sits on couch with bottle of soda and bag of potato chips and brings chip to mouth

Boy eats potato chip

Girl sits in front of computer at home office station with soda and bag of potato chips; grabs a potato chip from the bag and eat it
Billy: Now, you plop down and chill, the next thing you know, you finished it all.

[SOUND] Sound of potato chips being crunched while eaten (repeated).
Boy drinks soda; boy continues to drink soda until bottle is empty

Shows bottle of soda

Girl chews while watching television on couch with bottle of soda in her hand; Billy stands in foreground and talks on camera
[SOUND] Sound of boy drinking the last drops of soda out of the bottle.

Billy: You've just consumed a lot of fat and added sugar and practically nothing the body needs to grow and be strong.
Billy talks on camera in front of white backdrop

Billy talks on camera and makes rewind motion with his hands

Footage of youth snacking rewinds on screen
Billy: But how about if we rewind that scene?
Girl hangs her book bag on staircase banister

Bag of chips in kitchen; image dissolves to show hand pouring cereal from cereal box

Cereals pour into bowl
Billy: And now, instead of the chips, you grab some unsweetened whole-grain cereal.
Girl grabs plastic baggies of green grapes from fridge

Girl grabs bag of baby carrots from fridge
Billy: Or you hit the fridge and grab some grapes or crunchy baby carrots.
Hand pours milk into glass

Girl drinks glass of milk

Boy drinks glass of milk

Girl grabs bottle of water from fridge
Billy: You wash it all down with a nice glass of fat-free or low-fat milk, or you grab a bottle of water.
Girl drinks bottle of water

Girl holds bowl and eats cereal
Girl watches television on couch with grapes and glass of milk; Billy stands in foreground and talks on camera

Girl with headphones eats on couch

Boy drinks glass of milk

Girl eats bowl of cereal

Girl eats grape
Billy: All of a sudden, you've got a pretty great snack. Snacks like these can be just as quick as the chips and the soda, but they have a lot of the good stuff your body needs. . .
Billy talks on camera with white backdrop behind him Billy:. . . and they taste great too. Now, no one is saying you can never have sugary or fatty snacks. If you do have them, just have them in smaller amounts.
Billy talks on camera

Animated theater marquee appears on screen

Large bucket of popcorn appears; animated butter pours onto popcorn

Large soda appears

Candy bar appears
Billy: Here's what I mean. You and a friend are at the movies.

The first thing you do is you hit the concession stand, and you each order a large buttered popcorn, a large soda, and a candy bar.

[SOUND] Sound of record being stopped on record player.

Billy talks on camera with white backdrop; large bucket of popcorn, large soda, and candy bar appear on white backdrop behind Billy

Large bucket of popcorn morphs into small bucket of popcorn

Large soda morphs into bottle of water

Candy bar unwraps and is broken in half
Billy: Whoa, maybe that's not such a good idea.


How about instead of jumbo-sizing, you downsize. I'm talking small, plain popcorn, a bottle of water, and maybe a candy bar that you split with your friend.
Billy talks on camera Billy: Now, you've done yourself a huge favor. You've cut back on the fat, added sugar, and calories, plus you still enjoyed your snack.
Billy talks on camera with small bucket of popcorn, bottle of water, and candy bar broken in half in background

Candy bar swirls out of screen
Billy: Now, you're not gonna have a candy bar as a snack every day. Think of it as a special treat that you have only every once in a while.
Image of apple moves in front of screen

Billy catches the apple
Billy talks on camera Billy: You see, it's all about the choices you make. First, focus on nutritious foods and drinks; then, eat smaller amounts of the foods you know are high in fats, added sugar, and calories, and eat them less often.
Billy talks on camera Billy: Trust me, your body will thank you for it.
Billy takes a bite of the apple [SOUND] Sound of biting into an apple.
Billy standing in front of green screen set in TV studio

Director walks toward Billy

Director catches apple

Director: And cut! Okay, great. Let's try that again. Another apple, please? Whoa, there we go!
Black screen