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Words for different types of media flash onto screen: "YouTube," "Books," "Facebook," "Movies," "Billboards," "Magazines," "Twitter," "iPod," "ads," "TV"; the word "Media" flashes on screen with animation interspersed between these words; the words swirl into the word "Media" written in style of Media-Smart Youth logo


David: Media are the forms that we use to communicate.

Kristen, facilitator, talks on camera

Hand flips pages of magazine

Kristen: Magazines.

Brittany, youth participant, talks on camera; "Brittany" text appears on screen

Radio display on stereo

Brittany: TV, radio.

Applebee's billboard

Kevin, youth participant, talks on camera; "Kevin" text appears on screen

Kevin: Billboards and posters.

Clip of page from the newspaper

Barbara, facilitator, talks on camera; "Barbara" text appears on screen

DVD player opens

Scattered pages of newspaper advertisements

Barbara: It's newspapers. It can be movies. It can be advertising that you get in the mail.

Girl's hands texting

Girl with headphones listens to her iPod shuffle outside

Twitter website

Facebook log-in page

Christina, facilitator, talks on camera

Christina: Texting, iPod, Twitter, Facebook, media is everywhere.

David, facilitator, talks on camera; "David" text appears on screen

Skype logo on computer screen

Finger slides right to unlock iPhone

Words for different types of media appear animated on screen; words morph into word "Media" written in style of Media-Smart Youth logo

David: Anything you could scribble a message on is essentially a medium, and you add it all together, and those are media.

Kristen, facilitator, talks on camera; "Kristen" text appears on screen

Cartoon television commercial for Chuck e. Cheese's shows chuck flying an airplane with an advertisement flying behind it

Kristen: When you're at the shore, the beach, and those airplanes fly by with the advertisements behind them, that's media.

Anneliese, youth participant, talks on camera; "Anneliese" text appears on screen

"Kids Post" section of newspaper

Footage of two news anchors on television

CNN logo and news ticker on television

Anneliese: Anything that gives information of stuff. Yeah.

Mtv website on computer screen

Facilitator holds up bike racing shirt with Saturn Timex logo

Footage of Verizon wireless NBA halftime report logo on television

Clip of NBA player going to dunk the ball on television

Clip NBA player dunks ball on television

Clip of iPod commercial showing female silhouette dancing with her iPod

Boy smiles and holds hot dog in TV commercial while animated mustard bottle draws mustard mustache on his face

David: We absorb thousands if not tens of thousands of messages every day.



Teen People magazine cover with Usher

Page of newspaper

Footage of weather report on television

Footage of header ad on internet site shown on computer screen

Milk Matters logo on computer screen

Clip from computer game

Milk Matters website appears on screen


Christina teaches in classroom setting; piece of poster paper that spells acronym "Pie" hangs on wall behind her

Boy nods while listening in classroom

Christina teaches; motions to piece of poster paper on wall; starts to write on poster

Christina [to youth]: The purpose of media is to either Persuade, Inform, or Entertain us. PIE!

Christina talks on camera

Christina: The concept of PIE is so easily grasped that the kids really feel media-smart.

Youth seated in chairs in classroom setting shout "Pie!" On camera; youth clap

Christina: PIE!


Two girls look through magazines in classroom setting

Pantene Pro-V magazine ad; girl flips through pages of magazine

David: Not necessarily every message contains all three of those, but any message would contain one of those elements.

Girl writes on sheet of paper while seated on stairs

David: For example, you might be writing a note to your friend, and that would be to inform them of the right phone number.

David talks on camera

Television commercial shows boys in soccer uniforms jumping over soccer balls; youth sitting at kitchen counter eating cereal

Commercial shows spoon entering into bowl of cereal

Frosted flakes commercial shows youth in baseball uniforms throwing their baseball caps up in air with Tony the Tiger in foreground

David talks on camera

David: But if you're watching an ad, that ad is probably trying to entertain you to get your attention. It's trying to inform you of who they are . . .


Clip of Push Pop candy television commercial

Push pop commercial: Animated sound of tongue licking the candy. BOY VOICE: Push Pop.

David talks on camera

Girls on dirt bikes in television commercial for moxie girl shoes; girl blows sparkling dust, clip of shoe in commercial

David: . . . and you are absorbing that message.


J.C. talks on camera; "J.C." text appears on screen

Finger pushes power button on Apple laptop

Finger slides right to unlock iPhone

Hand holds remote control in front of television screen


J.C.: The young people of today are bombarded constantly by these media messages.


Christina talks on camera

Christina: They're seeing these food ads, and clothes ads, and "buy me" and "get this."

Girl sits at dining table using laptop

Facebook profile page on computer screen

Glee video clip shown on Facebook; shows red Camaro

Girl's hands type on laptop keyboard

Christina: It's not just about the message; it's about how much time we're spending, sitting, utilizing these media.

Chelsea talks on camera; "Chelsea" text appears on screen

Clip from television commercial shows children in swimsuits

Footage of television show shows man taking boy's magazine

Girls watch television in bedroom

Footage of Samsung Galaxy phone television commercial

Girl in green shirt with headphones plays with her iPod shuffle

Boy in wheelchair types on laptop in home setting

Nintendo Wii game menu on television screen

Hand holds Nintendo Wii game controller

ITunes music store on computer screen

Girl holds TV remote toward television and watches TV in den

Chelsea: They probably think media—oh television, the news, or newspapers, and things like that—but they don't really think about cell phones, iPods, computers, video games, and all the screen time that they're getting in their lives.

Wilmer, youth participant, talks on camera; "Wilmer" text appears on screen

Girl eats potato chips from bowl while other girl holds TV remote control

Wilmer: We watch a lot 'cause as soon as we get home, our feet like hurt, and we just wanna sit on the couch.



Naheeda talks on camera; "Naheeda" text appears on screen

Whopper billboard

Wendy's signage


Naheeda: Kids don't realize how much they are around media and how much they're influenced by it.

J.C. talks on camera

J.C.: It affects their choices. It affects their lifestyle.

Animation of basketball cracking television screen

Footage of NBA player dunking basketball

Footage of NBA player doing a layup


Brannen talks on camera; "Brannen" text appears on screen

TV commercial of young people dancing

Brannen: If you wear shoes, you're like advertising Nike; like if it looks good on somebody, then other kids would wanna go get it.

TV commercial for girls' shoes

Girl: It attracts you.

Girl voice on tv ad: They sparkle. You shine.

Neisa: It gets people to buy stuff.

Katherine, youth participant, talks on camera; "Katherine" text appears on screen

Katherine: Products.

Clip of style section of newspaper

Barbara talks on camera

Footage of TV commercial with boys dressed in basketball uniforms dribbling ball; words "Start Up" appear in commercial; boys spin while dribbling basketball

Girl swings Wii controller in living room; camera pans to television showing Wii game in progress on wall

Barbara: It's so persuasive, and what we wanna teach is how to be good consumers of media.

Carolyn talks on camera

TV commercial for Zhu Zhu pets

Two youth play video racing game with each other on separate iPads

iPhone TV commercial with silhouette of dancing girl

Caryolyn: When they advertise something, instead of buying everything, I just save up or maybe not even buy it at all.

Margie talks on camera

Girl reads Harry Potter book in her bedroom

Girl's hand turns page of book

Footage of TV commercial for Kraft macaroni and cheese shows dinosaur pull cord and Kraft macaroni and cheese poster pop-up

Girls sit on bed and watch television

Vh1 plays on television

Movie listings from newspaper

Shrek life-sized cardboard cutout in movie theater

Man behind kiosk gives movie ticket

Margie: Media's not bad, but you need to understand what they're doing and why they're doing it, so that you can respond intelligently and think through, "Do I really want this? Is this information I needed? Or are they just trying to persuade me to buy something?"

David talks on camera

hulu web page on computer screen

David talks on camera

Teen Nick website on computer screen

Hand holds iPod shuffle

Sony PlayStation menu screen

Girl's hands texting

Hands use Sony PlayStation controller

David: Media is all around us. It's neither good nor bad. It's what we do with it that counts.

Television footage of ESPN sports center logo

Harry potter ad on side of moving bus

[SOUND] Final notes of ESPN Sports Center theme song.

[SOUND] Dramatic music from action movie.