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Media-Smart Youth logo builds on screen

Introducing Media-Smart Youth, an exciting program
Youth gathering around a table

Youth writing on large paper with a marker

Girls looking at a magazine page

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Girl typing on keyboard

Boy jumping rope Boy doing sit-ups
Narrator: for young people ages 11 to 13. Created by the National Institutes of Health, Media-Smart Youth helps young people navigate our complex media world and empowers them to make thoughtful decisions
Girls making a smoothie

Youth running indoors

Youth looking at a nutrition label

Girls looking at a Girl Scout cookie box label
Narrator: about nutrition and physical activity. In the process, they learn skills that can help them lead healthier lives.
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Video game

Wii game controller

Girl with an MP3 player

Girl with a smartphone

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Narrator: There’s no denying the power and pervasiveness of media. And with today’s mobile devices, media and advertising play an even bigger role in the lives of youth.
Youth participating in a video activity

Media-Smart Youth guide

Media-Smart Youth Lesson 1

Different pages from the Media-Smart Youth guide
Narrator: You can help young people better understand media and its connection to their health by leading a Media-Smart Youth program in your community! Our free, proven program provides everything you need.
Milk being poured into a measuring cup

Girls making a smoothie

Ice and fruit in a blender

Hand turning on the blender

Youth playing outdoors with a parachute

Youth producing a video

Youth producing a radio show

Youth jumping over chairs
Narrator: The lessons give young people a chance to learn by doing. They discover healthy snack recipes and learn fun ways to be physically active. They also create media products of their own to encourage their friends to eat healthy and move more.

Instructor ‘s binder with image of youths sitting in a semicircle of chairs while an instructor teaches a lesson on the cover

Media-Smart Youth binder and DVD

TEXT ON SCREEN: For more info and to get the FREE program materials, visit or call 1-800-370-2943.
Narrator: Give youth the skills they need to be media-savvy—and healthy—with the free Media-Smart Youth program!