Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): NICHD Research Goals

The NICHD has a long history of supporting research on TBI, from mild injuries to severe TBI-related disabilities. Studies have explored the cellular, molecular, physiological, and biomechanical processes of TBI as well as strategies that promote recovery from TBI. The NICHD research goals related to TBI include:

  • Exploring how certain proteins and enzymes are involved in brain injury and how certain genes may play a role in neural recovery
  • Understanding the progression of and recovery from brain injury over time
  • Developing pharmacological treatments and other therapies to enhance recovery
  • Mitigating risk for and treating secondary conditions associated with TBI, such as depression
  • Addressing issues unique to specific groups, such as determining safe drug therapies for children with TBI and adapting TBI treatments for military personnel
  • Developing methods and technologies for effectively measuring head impacts in sports
  • Determining how individuals, families, and communities can best adapt to injuries and promote recovery
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