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  • Ajao, D. O., Pop, V., Kamper, J. E., Adami, A., Rudobeck, E., Huang, L., Vlkolinsky, R., Hartman, R. E., Ashwal, S., Obenaus, A., & Badaut, J. (2012). Traumatic brain injury in young rats leads to progressive behavioral deficits coincident with altered tissue properties in adulthood. Journal of Neurotrauma, 29, 2060–2074. PMID: 22697253
  • Amyot, F., Zimmermann, T., Riley, J., Kainerstorfer, J. M., & Chernomordik, V. (2012). Normative database of judgment of complexity task with functional near infrared spectroscopy—application for TBI. NeuroImage, 60, 879–883. PMID: 22306800
  • Bay, E., Kalpakjian, C., & Giordani, B. (2012). Determinants of subjective memory complaints in community-dwelling adults with mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury, 26, 941–949. PMID: 22571456
  • Belousov, A. B., Wang, Y., Song, J. H., Denisova, J. V., Berman, N. E., & Fontes, J. D. (2012). Neuronal gap junctions play a role in the secondary neuronal death following controlled cortical impact. Neuroscience Letters, 524, 16–19. PMID: 22781494
  • Dennis, M., Simic, N., Gerry Taylor, H., Bigler, E. D., Rubin, K., Vannatta, K., Gerhardt, C. A., Stancin, T., Roncadin, C., & Yeates, K. O. (2012). Theory of mind in children with traumatic brain injury. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 18, 908–916. PMID: 22846440
  • Fujita, M., Wei, E. P., & Povlishock, J.T. (2012). Intensity- and interval-specific repetitive traumatic brain injury can evoke both axonal and microvascular damage. Journal of Neurotrauma, 29, 2172–2180. PMID: 22559115
  • Fukuda, A. M., Pop, V., Spagnoli, D., Ashwal, S., Obenaus, A., & Badaut, J. (2012). Delayed increase of astrocytic aquaporin 4 after juvenile traumatic brain injury: possible role in edema resolution? Neuroscience, 222, 366–378. PMID: 22728101
  • McAllister, T. W., Flashman, L. A., Maerlender, A., Greenwald, R. M., Beckwith, J. G., Tosteson, T. D., Crisco, J. J., Brolinson, P. G., Duma, S. M., Duhaime, A. C., Grove, M. R., & Turco, J. H. (2012). Cognitive effects of one season of head impacts in a cohort of collegiate contact sport athletes. Neurology, 78, 1777–1784. PMID: 22592370
  • McDonald, B. C., Saykin, A. J., & McAllister, T. W. (2012). Functional MRI of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI): progress and perspectives from the first decade of studies. Brain Imaging and Behavior, 6, 193–207. PMID: 22618832
  • Schober, M. E., Block, B., Requena, D. F., Hale, M. A., & Lane, R. H. (2012). Developmental traumatic brain injury decreased brain derived neurotrophic factor expression late after injury. Metabolic Brain Disease, 27, 167–173. PMID: 22527999
  • Sinopoli, K. J., & Dennis, M. (2012). Inhibitory control after traumatic brain injury in children. International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience, 30, 207–215. PMID: 22100363
  • Smith, C. J., Johnson, B. N., Elkind, J. A., See, J. M., Xiong, G., & Cohen, A. S. (2012). Investigations on alterations of hippocampal circuit function following mild traumatic brain injury. Journal of Visualized Experiments, Nov 19, 34411. PMID: 23183856
  • Zafonte, R. D., Bagiella, E., Ansel, B. M., Novack, T. A., Friedewald, W. T., Hesdorffer, D. C., et al. (2012). Effect of citicoline on functional and cognitive status among patients with traumatic brain injury: Citicoline Brain Injury Treatment Trial (COBRIT). JAMA, 308(19), 1993-2000. PMID: 23168823
  • McAllister, T. W. (2011). Neurobiological consequences of traumatic brain injury. Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience13, 287–300. PMID: 22033563
  • Pop, V., & Badaut, J. (2011). A neurovascular perspective for long-term changes after brain trauma. Translational Stroke Research2, 533–545. PMID: 22350620

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