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  • Conway, D. L., Hansen, N. I., Dudley, D. J., Parker, C. B., Reddy, U. M., Silver, R. M., et al. (2013). An algorithm for the estimation of gestational age at the time of fetal death. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, 27(2), 145-157. PMID: 23374059
  • Crotti, L., Tester, D. J., White, W. M., Bartos, D. C., Insolia, R., Besana, A., et al. (2013). Long QT syndrome-associated mutations in intrauterine fetal death. JAMA, 309(14), 1473-1482. PMID: 23571586
  • Barnhart, K. T. (2012). Early pregnancy failure: beware of the pitfalls of modern management. Fertility and Sterility, 98(5), 1061-1065. PMID: 23084007
  • Bellad, M. B., Goudar, S. S., Edlavitch, S. A., Mahantshetti, N. S., Naik, V., Hemingway-Foday, J. J., et al. (2012). Consanguinity, prematurity, birth weight, and pregnancy loss: a prospective cohort study at four primary health center areas of Karnataka, India. Journal of Perinatology, 32(6), 431-437. PMID: 21852769
  • Buck Louis, G. M., Sundaram, R., Schisterman, E. F., Sweeney, A. M., Lynch, C. D., Gore-Langton, R. E., et al. (2012). Heavy metals and couple fecundity, the LIFE Study. Chemosphere, 87(11), 1201–1207. PMID 22309709
  • Dillon, K. E., Sioulas, V. D., Sammel, M. D., Chung, K., Takacs, P., Shaunik, A., et al. (2012). How and when human chorionic gonadotropin curves in women with an ectopic pregnancy mimic other outcomes; differences by race and ethnicity. Fertility and Sterility, 98(4), 911-916. PMID: 22795684
  • Hodes-Wertz, B., Grifo, J., Ghadir, S., Kaplan, B., Laskin, C. A., Glassner, M., et al. (2012). Idiopathic recurrent miscarriage is caused mostly by aneuploid embryos. Fertility and Sterility, 96(3), 675-680. PMID: 22683012
  • Kim, H. Y., Kasonde, P., Mwiya, M., Thea, D. M., Kankasa, C., Sinkala, M., et al. (2012). Pregnancy loss and role of infant HIV status on perinatal mortality among HIV-infected women. BMC Pediatrics, 12, 138. PMID: 22937874
  • Najafi, T., Novin, M. G., Ghazi, R., & Khorram, O. (2012). Altered endometrial expression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase in women with unexplained recurrent miscarriage and infertility. Reproductive Biomedicine Online, 25(4), 408-414. PMID: 22877939
  • Peterson, S. E., Nelson, J. L., Guthrie, K. A., Gadi, V. K.. Aydelotte, T. M., Oyer, D. J., et al. (2012). Prospective assessment of fetal-maternal cell transfer in miscarriage and pregnancy termination. Human Reproduction, 27(9), 2607-2612. PMID: 22752611
  • Pilliod, R. A., Cheng, Y. W., Snowden, J. M., Doss, A. E., & Caughey, A. B. (2012). The risk of intrauterine fetal death in the small-for-gestational-age fetus. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 207(4), 318.e1-6. PMID: 23021697
  • Pinar, H., Koch, M. A., Hawkins, H., Heim-Hall, J., Abramowsky, C. R., Thorsten, V. R., et al. (2012). The stillbirth collaborative research network postmortem examination protocol. American Journal of Perinatology, 29(3), 187-202. PMID: 21815127
  • Rausch, M., Lorch, S., Chung, K., Frederick, M., Zhang, J., & Barnhart, K. (2012). A cost-effectiveness analysis of surgical versus medical management of early pregnancy loss. Fertility and Sterility, 97(2), 355–360. PMID 22192348
  • Reddy, U. M., Page, G. P., Saade, G. R., Silver, R. M., Thorsten, V. R., Parker, C. B., et al. (2012). Karyotype versus microarray testing for genetic abnormalities after stillbirth. New England Journal of Medicine, 367(23), 2185-2193. PMID: 23215556
  • Rosenstein, M. G., Cheng, Y. W., Snowden, J. M., Nicholson, J. M., & Caughey, A. B. (2012). Risk of stillbirth and infant death stratified by gestational age. Obstetrics and Gynecology, 120(1), 76-82. PMID: 22914394
  • Santolaya-Forgas, J., Mittal, P., De Leon-Luis, J., Than, N. G., Hong, J. S., Wolf, R., et al. (2012). A prospective and controlled in vivo study to determine if acute episodes of high glucose concentrations within the gestational sac compartment could be related to spontaneous abortion. Journal of Maternal-Fetal Neonatal Medicine, 25(10), 1848-1851. PMID 22372954
  • Sarr, D., Smith, G. M., Poovassery, J. S., Nagy, T., & Moore, J. M. (2012). Plasmodium chabaudi AS induces pregnancy loss in association with systemic pro-inflammatory immune responses in A/J and C57BL/6 mice. Parasite Immunology, 34(4), 224–235. PMID 22251385
  • Warner, J. A., Zwezdaryk, K. J., Day, B., Sullivan, D. E., Pridjian, G., & Morris, C. A. (2012). Human cytomegalovirus infection inhibits CXCL12- mediated migration and invasion of human extravillous cytotrophoblasts. Virology Journal, 9, 255. PMID: 23116176
  • Gold, K. J., Sen, A., & Hayward, R. A. (2010). Marriage and cohabitation outcomes after pregnancy loss. Pediatrics, 125(5), e1202-7. PMID: 20368319
  • Katz, J., Khatry, S. K., LeClerq, S. C., Shrestha, S. R., West, K. P., Jr., & Christian, P. (2008). Miscarriage but not stillbirth rates are higher among younger nulliparas in rural Southern Nepal. Journal of Adolescent Health, 42(6), 587-595. PMID: 18486868
  • Lasker, J. N., & Toedter, L. J. (1994). Satisfaction with hospital care and interventions after pregnancy loss. Death Studies, 18(1), 41-64. PMID: 10184042

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