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  • Boxer, P., Rowell Huesmann, L., Dubow, E. F., Landow, S. F., Gvirsman, S. D., Shikaki, K., et al. (2013). Exposure to violence across the social ecosystem and the development of aggression: a test of ecological theory in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Child Development, 84, 163–177. PMID: 22906188
  • Diego, A. M., Serghiou, M., Padmanabha, A., Porro, L. J., Herndon, D. N., & Suman, O. E. (2013). Exercise training after burn injury: A survey of practice. Journal of Burn Care & Research, [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 23511288
  • Exner-Cortens, D., Eckenrode, J., & Rothman, E. (2013). Longitudinal associations between teen dating violence victimization and adverse health outcomes. Pediatrics, 131, 71–78. PMID: 23230075
  • McKeag, H., Christian, C. W., Rubin, D., Daymont, C., Pollock, A. N., & Wood, J. (2013). Subdural hemorrhage in pediatric patients with enlargement of the subarachnoid spaces. Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, 11(4), 438–444. PMID: 23394356
  • Meehan, W. P., 3rd, & Mannix, R. (2013). A substantial proportion of life-threatening injuries are sport-related. Pediatric Emergency Care, 29(5), 624–627. PMID: 23603654
  • Oscós-Sánchez, M. Á., Lesser, J., & Oscós-Flores, L. D. (2013). High school students in a health career promotion program report fewer acts of aggression and violence. Journal of Adolescent Health, 52, 96–101. PMID: 23260841
  • Pollack, M. M., Dean, J. M., Butler, J., Holubkov, R., Doctor, A., Meert, K. L., et al. (2013). The ideal time interval for critical care severity-of-illness assessment. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 14(5), 448–453. PMID: 23628831
  • Shields, W. C., McDonald, E. M., McKenzie, L., Wang, M. C., Walker, A. R., Gielen, A. C. (2013). Using the pediatric emergency department to deliver tailored safety messages: results of a randomized controlled trial. Pediatric Emergency Care, 29(5), 628–634. PMID: 23603653
  • Amyot, F., Zimmermann, T., Riley, J., Kainerstorfer, J. M., Chernomordik, V., Mooshagian, E., et al. (2012). Normative database of judgment of complexity task with functional near infrared spectroscopy—application for TBI. Neuroimage, 60, 879–883. PMID: 22306800
  • Carcillo, J. A., Dean, J. M., Holubkov, R., Berger, J., Meert, K. L., Anand, K. J., et al. (2012). The randomized comparative pediatric critical illness stress-induced immune suppression (CRISIS) prevention trial. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 13, 165–173. PMID: 22079954
  • Edwards, J. D., Houtrow, A. J., Vasilevskis, E. E., Rehm, R. S., Markovitz, B. P., Graham, R. J., et al. (2012). Chronic conditions among children admitted to U.S. pediatric intensive care units: their prevalence and impact on risk for mortality and prolonged length of stay. Critical Care Medicine, 40, 2196–2203. PMID: 22564961
  • Edwards, J. D., Kun, S. S., Graham, R. J., & Keens, T. G. (2012). End-of-life discussions and advance care planning for children on long-term assisted ventilation with life-limiting conditions. Journal of Palliative Care, 28, 21–27. PMID: 22582468
  • Gielen, A. C., Shields, W., McDonald, E., Frattaroli, S., Bishai, D., & Ma, X. (2012). Home safety and low-income urban housing quality. Pediatrics, 130(6), 1053–1059. PMID: 23147973
  • Moran, L. M., Taylor, H. G., Rusin, J., Bangert, B., Dietrich, A., Nuss, K. E., et al. (2011). Do postconcussive symptoms discriminate injury severity in pediatric mild traumatic brain injury? Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 26, 348–354. PMID: 21900857
  • Newth, C. J., Meert, K. L., Clark, A. E., Moler, F. W., Zuppa, A. F., Berg, R. A., et al. (2012). Fatal and near-fatal asthma in children: the critical care perspective. Journal of Pediatrics, 161, 214–221.e3. PMID: 22494876
  • Nishisaki, A., Maltese, M. R., Niles, D. E., Sutton, R. M., Urbano, J., Berg, R. A., et al. (2012). Backboards are important when chest compressions are provided on a soft mattress. Resuscitation, 83, 1013–1020. PMID: 22310727
  • Rivara, F. P., Ennis, S. K., Mangione-Smith, R., MacKenzie, E. J., & Jaffe, K. M.; National Expert Panel for the Development of Pediatric Rehabilitation Quality Care Indicators. (2012). Quality of care indicators for the rehabilitation of children with traumatic brain injury. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 93, 381–385 PMID: 22280892
  • Salonia, R., Bell, M. J., Kochanek, P. M., & Berger, R. P. (2012). The utility of near infrared spectroscopy in detecting intracranial hemorrhage in children. Journal of Neurotrauma, 29, 1047–1053. PMID: 22098538
  • Wood, J. N., Feudtner, C., Medina, S. P., Luan, X., Localio, R., & Rubin, D. M. (2012). Variation in occult injury screening for children with suspected abuse in selected US children’s hospitals. Pediatrics, 130(5), 853–860. PMID: 23071208
  • Zumsteg, J. M., Ennis, S. K., Jaffe, K. M., Mangione-Smith, R., MacKenzie, E. J., Rivara, F. P.; National Expert Panel for the Development of Pediatric Rehabilitation Quality Care Indicators. (2012). Quality of care indicators for the structure and organization of inpatient rehabilitation care of children with traumatic brain injury. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 93, 386–393. PMID: 22280893
  • Guite, J. W., Logan, D. E., Simons, L. E., Blood, E. A., & Kerns, R. D. (2011). Readiness to change in pediatric chronic pain: initial validation of adolescent and parent versions of the Pain Stages of Change Questionnaire. Pain, 152, 2301–2311. PMID: 21802852
  • Porro, L., Rivero, H. G., Gonzalez, D., Tan, A., Herndon, D. N., & Suman, O. E. (2011). Prediction of maximal aerobic capacity in severely burned children. Burns, 37(4), 682–686. PMID: 21316155
  • Simons-Morton, B. G., & Farhat, T. (2010). Recent findings on peer group influences on adolescent smoking. Journal of Primary Prevention, 31(4), 191–208. PMID: 20614184
  • Simons-Morton, B. (2007). Social influences on adolescent substance use. American Journal of Health Behavior, 31(6), 672–684. PMID: 17691881

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