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Scientific Articles on PCOS

The following featured articles include those from NICHD researchers and NICHD-supported researchers.

The following featured articles include those from NICHD researchers or NICHD-supported researchers.

  • Covington, J. D., Tam, C. S., Pasarica, M., & Redman, L. M. (2016). Higher circulating leukocytes in women with PCOS is reversed by aerobic exercise. Biochimie, 124, 27–33. PMID: 25446648
  • Ketefian, A., Jones, M. R., Krauss, R. M., Chen, Y. D., Legro, R. S., Azziz, R., et al. (2016). Association study of androgen signaling pathway genes in polycystic ovary syndrome. Fertility and Sterility, 105(2), 467–473.e4. PMID: 26493122
  • Kim, J. Y., Tfayli, H., Michaliszyn, S. F., Lee, S., & Arslanian, S. (2016). Distinguishing characteristics of metabolically healthy versus metabolically unhealthy obese adolescent girls with polycystic ovary syndrome. Fertility and Sterility, 105(6), 1603–1611. PMID: 26921624
  • Puttabyatappa, M., Cardoso, R. C., & Padmanabhan, V. (2016). Effect of maternal PCOS and PCOS-like phenotype on the offspring's health. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 435, 29–39. PMID: 26639019
  • Hayes, M. G., Urbanek, U., Ehrmann, D. A., Armstrong, L. L., Lee, J. Y., Sisk, R., et al. (2015). Genome-wide association of polycystic ovary syndrome implicates alterations in gonadotropin secretion in European ancestry populations. Nature Communications, 6, 7502. PMID: 26284813
  • Jones, M. R., Brower, M. A., Xu, N., Cui, J., Mengesha, E., Chen, Y. D., et al. (2015). Systems genetics reveals the functional context of PCOS loci and identifies genetic and molecular mechanisms of disease heterogeneity. PLoS Genetics, 11(8), e1005455. PMID: 26305227
  • McAllister, J. M., Legro, R. S., Modi, B. P., & Strauss, J. F. 3rd. (2015). Functional genomics of PCOS: From GWAS to molecular mechanisms. Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, 26(3), 118–124. PMID: 25600292
  • Phy, J. L., Pohlmeier, A. M., Cooper, J. A., Watkins, P., Spallholz, J., Harris, K. S., et al. (2015). Low starch/low dairy diet results in successful treatment of obesity and co-morbidities linked to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Journal of Obesity & Weight Loss Therapy, 5(2). PMID: 26225266
  • Schulte, M. M., Tsai, J. H., & Moley, K. H. (2015). Obesity and PCOS: The effect of metabolic derangements on endometrial receptivity at the time of implantation. Reproductive Sciences, 22(1), 6–14. PMID: 25488942
  • Anderson, A. D., Solorzano, C. M., & McCartney, C. R. (2014). Childhood obesity and its impact on the development of adolescent PCOS. Seminars in Reproductive Medicine, 32(3), 202–213. PMID: 24715515
  • Goss, A. M., Chandler-Laney, P. C., Ovalle, F., Goree, L. L., Azziz, R., Desmond, R. A., et al. (2014). Effects of a eucaloric reduced-carbohydrate diet on body composition and fat distribution in women with PCOS. Metabolism, 63(10), 1257–1264. PMID: 25125349
  • Legro, R. S., Brzyski, R. G., Diamond, M. P., Coutifaris, C., Schlaff, W. D., Casson, P., et al.; NICHD Reproductive Medicine Network. (2014). Letrozole versus clomiphene for infertility in the polycystic ovary syndrome. New England Journal of Medicine, 371(2), 119–129. PMID: 25006718
  • Legro, R. S., Chen, G., Kunselman, A. R., Schlaff, W. D., Diamond, M. P., Coutifaris, C., et al.; NICHD Reproductive Medicine Network. (2014). Smoking in infertile women with polycystic ovary syndrome: Baseline validation of self-report and effects on phenotype. Human Reproduction, 29(12), 2680–2686. PMID: 25324541
  • Legro, R. S., Brzyski, R. G., Diamond, M. P., Coutifaris, C., Schlaff, W. D., Alvero, R., et al.; NICHD Reproductive Medicine Network. (2014). The Pregnancy in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome II study: Baseline characteristics and effects of obesity from a multicenter randomized clinical trial. Fertility and Sterility, 101(1), 258–269.e8. PMID: 24156957

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