Scientific Articles on Menstruation and Menstrual Problems

The following featured articles include those from NICHD researchers and NICHD-supported researchers.

  • Ackerman, K. E., Cano Sokoloff, N., de Nardo Maffazioli, G., Clarke, H. M., Lee, H., & Misra, M. (2015). Fractures in relation to menstrual status and bone parameters in young athletes. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 47(8), 1577–1586. PMID: 25397605
  • Andrews, M. A., Schliep, K. C., Wactawski-Wende, J., Stanford, J. B., Zarek, S. M., Radin, R. G., et al. (2015). Dietary factors and luteal phase deficiency in healthy eumenorrheic women. Human Reproduction, 30(8), 1942–1951. PMID: 26082480
  • Han, S. J., Jung, S. Y., Wu, S. P., Hawkins, S. M., Park, M. J., Kyo, S., et al. (2015). Estrogen receptor β modulates apoptosis complexes and the inflammasome to drive the pathogenesis of endometriosis. Cell, 163(4), 960–974. PMID: 26544941
  • Maki, P. M., Mordecai, K. L., Rubin, L. H., Sundermann, E., Savarese, A., Eatough, E., & Drogos, L. (2015). Menstrual cycle effects on cortisol responsivity and emotional retrieval following a psychosocial stressor. Hormones and Behavior, 74, 201–208. PMID: 26187711
  • Matteson, K. A., Scott, D. M., Raker, C. A., & Clark, M. A. (2015). The menstrual bleeding questionnaire: Development and validation of a comprehensive patient-reported outcome instrument for heavy menstrual bleeding. BJOG, 122(5), 681–689. PMID: 25615842
  • Paramsothy, P., Harlow, S. D., Greendale, G. A., Gold, E. B., Crawford, S. L., Elliott, M. R., et al. (2015). Bleeding patterns during the menopausal transition in the multi-ethnic Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN): A prospective cohort study. BJOG, 121(12), 1564–1573. PMID: 24735184
  • Rosenfield, R. L., Ehrmann, D. A., & Littlejohn, E. E. (2015). Adolescent polycystic ovary syndrome due to functional ovarian hyperandrogenism persists into adulthood. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 100(4), 1537–1543. PMID: 25675386
  • Schliep, K. C., Mumford, S. L., Vladutiu, C. J., Ahrens, K. A., Perkins, N. J., Sjaarda, L. A., et al. (2015). Perceived stress, reproductive hormones, and ovulatory function: A prospective cohort study. Epidemiology, 26(2), 177–184. PMID: 25643098
  • Williams, N. I., Leidy, H. J., Hill, B. R., Lieberman, J. L., Legro, R. S., & De Souza, M. J. (2015). Magnitude of daily energy deficit predicts frequency but not severity of menstrual disturbances associated with exercise and caloric restriction. American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism, 308(1), E29–E39. PMID: 25352438
  • Marsh, E. E., Brocks, M. E., Ghant, M. S., Recht, H. S., & Simon, M. (2014). Prevalence and knowledge of heavy menstrual bleeding among African American women. International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, 125(1), 56–59. PMID: 24486125
  • Schliep, K. C., Mumford, S. L., Hammoud, A. O., Stanford, J. B., Kissell, K. A., Sjaarda, L. A., et al. (2014). Luteal phase deficiency in regularly menstruating women: Prevalence and overlap in identification based on clinical and biochemical diagnostic criteria. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 99(6), E1007–E1014. PMID: 24606080
  • Sjaarda, L. A., Mumford, S. L., Kissell, K., Schliep, K. C., Hammoud, A. O., Perkins, N. J., et al. (2014). Increased androgen, anti-Müllerian hormone, and sporadic anovulation in healthy, eumenorrheic women: A mild PCOS-like phenotype? Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 99(6), 2208–2216. PMID: 24606085
  • Hambridge, H. L., Mumford, S. L., Mattison, D. R., Ye, A., Pollack, A. Z., Bloom, M. S., et al. (2013). The influence of sporadic anovulation on hormone levels in ovulatory cycles. Human Reproduction, 28(6), 1687–1694. PMID: 23589536

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