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  • Class, Q. A., Khashan, A. S., Lichtenstein, P., Långström, N., D’Onofrio, B. M. (2013). Maternal stress and infant mortality: the importance of the preconception period. Psychological Science, 24(7), 1309–1316. PMID: 23653129
  • De Jesus, L. C., Pappas, A., Shankaran, S., Li, L., Das, A., Bell, E. F., et al. (2013). Outcomes of small for gestational age infants born at <27 weeks’ gestation. Journal of Pediatrics, 163(1), 55–60.e1-3. PMID: 23415614
  • Gage, T. B., Fang, F., O’Neill, E., & Dirienzo, G. (2013). Maternal education, birth weight, and infant mortality in the United States. Demography, 50(2), 615–635. PMID: 23073749
  • Goldstein, R. F., Cotton, C. M., Shankaran, S., Gantz, M. G., Poole, W. K.; Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network. (2013). Influence of gestational age on death and neurodevelopmental outcome in premature infants with severe intracranial hemorrhage. Journal of Perinatology, 33(1), 25–32. PMID: 22814942
  • Kamath-Rayne, B. D., DeFranco, E. A., Chung, E., & Chen, A. (2013). Subtypes of preterm birth and the risk of postneonatal death. Journal of Pediatrics, 162(1), 28–34.e2. PMID: 22878113
  • Kusuda, S., Fujimura, M., Uchiyama, A., Nakanishi, H., Totsu, S., for the Neonatal Research Network, Japan. (2013). Identification of practices and morbidities affecting the mortality of very low birth weight infants using a multilevel logistic analysis: clinical trial or standardization? BMJ Open, 3(8), e003317. PMID: 23970432
  • Powers, D. A. (2013). Paradox revisited: a further investigation of racial/ethnic differences in infant mortality by maternal age. Demography, 50(2), 495–520. PMID: 23055238
  • Profit, J., Gould, J. B., Draper, D., Zupancic, J. A., Kowalkowski, M. A., Woodard, L., et al. (2013). Variations in definitions of mortality have little influence on neonatal intensive care unit performance ratings. Journal of Pediatrics, 162(1), 50–55.e2. PMID: 22854328
  • Belizán, J. M., McClure, E. M., Goudar, S. S., Pasha, O., Esamai, F., Patel, A., et al. (2012). Neonatal death in low- to middle-income countries: a global network study. American Journal of Perinatology, 29(8), 649–656. PMID: 22644832
  • Natchu, U. C., Liu, E., Duggan, C., Msamanga, G., Peterson, K., Aboud, S., et al. (2012). Exclusive breastfeeding reduces risk of mortality in infants up to 6 mo of age born to HIV-positive Tanzanian women. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 96(5), 1071–1078. PMID: 23053555
  • Tyler, C. P., Grady, S. C., Grigorescu, V., Luke, B., Todem, D., & Paneth, N. (2012). Impact of fetal death reporting requirements on early neonatal and fetal mortality rates and racial disparities. Public Health Reports, 127(5), 507–515. PMID: 22942468
  • Tyson, J. E., Pedroza, C., Langer, J., Green, C., Morris, B., Stevenson, D., et al. (2012). Does aggressive phototherapy increase mortality while decreasing profound impairment among the smallest and sickest newborns? Journal of Perinatology, 32(9), 677–684. PMID: 22652561
  • Vaucher, Y. E., Peralta-Carcelen, M., Finer, N. N., Carlo, W. A., Gantz, M. G., Walsh, M. C. (2012). Neurodevelopmental outcomes in the early CPAP and pulse oximetry trial. New England Journal of Medicine, 367(26), 2495–2504. PMID: 23268664
  • Silverman, J. G., Decker, M. R., Cheng, D. M., Wirth, K., Saggurti, N., McCauley, H. L., et al. (2011). Gender-based disparities in infant and child mortality based on maternal exposure to spousal violence: the heavy burden borne by Indian girls. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, 165(1), 22–27. PMID: 21199976
  • Singh, A., Pathak, P. K., Chauhan, R. K., & Pan, W. (2011). Infant and child mortality in India in the last two decades: a geospatial analysis. PLoS One, 6(11), e26856. PMID: 22073208
  • Yang, T. C., & McManus, B. (2010). Infant mortality and social environment in Georgia: an application of hotspot detection and prioritization. Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 17(4), 455–471. PMID: 22022207

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