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Endometriosis: Scientific Articles

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Featured Articles

The following featured articles include those from NICHD researchers or NICHD-supported researchers.

  • Johnson, N. P., Hummelshoj, L., for the World Endometriosis Society Montpellier Consortium. (2013). Consensus on current management of endometriosis. Human Reproduction, [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 23528916
  • Santanam, N., Kavtaradze, N., Murphy, A., Dominguez, C., & Parthasarathy, S. (2013). Antioxidant supplementation reduces endometriosis-related pelvic pain in humans. Translational Research, 161(3), 189-195. PMID: 22728166
  • As-Sanie, S., Harris, R. E., Napadow, V., Kim, J., Neshawat, G., Kairys, A., et al. (2012). Changes in regional gray matter volume in women with chronic pelvic pain: a voxel-based morphometry study. Pain, 153(5), 1006-1014. PMID: 22387096
  • Braundmeier, A. G., Dayger, C. A., Mehrotra, P., Belton, R. J. Jr., Nowak, R. A. (2012). EMMPRIN is secreted by human uterine epithelial cells in microvesicles and stimulates metalloproteinase production by human uterine fibroblast cells. Reproductive Sciences, 19(12), 1292-1301. PMID: 22729071
  • Burney, R. O., & Giudice, L. C. (2012). Pathogenesis and pathophysiology of endometriosis. Fertility and Sterility, 98(3), 511-519. PMID: 22819144
  • Han, S. J., Hawkins, S. M., Begum, K., Jung, S. Y., Kovanci, E., Qin, J., et al. (2012). A new isoform of steroid receptor coactivator-1 is crucial for pathogenic progression of endometriosis. Nature Medicine, 18(7), 1102-1111. PMID: 22660634
  • Harirchian, P., Gashaw, I., Lipskind, S. T., Braundmeier, A. G., Hastings, J. M., Olson, M. R., et al. (2012). Human Reproduction, 27(8), 2341-2351. PMID: 22674203
  • Macer, M. L., & Taylor, H. S. (2012). Endometriosis and infertility: a review of the pathogenesis and treatment of endometriosis-associated infertility. Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America, 39(4), 535-549. PMID: 23182559
  • Monsivais, D., Bray, J. D., Su, E., Pavone, M. E., Dyson, M. T., Navarro, A., et al. (2012). Activated glucocorticoid and eicosanoid pathways in endometriosis. Fertility and Sterility, 98(1), 117-125. PMID: 22521153
  • Panda, H., Pelakh, L., Chuang, T. D., Luo, X., Bukulmez, O., Chegini, N. (2012). Endometrial miR-200c is altered during transformation into cancerous states and targets the expression of ZEBs, VEGFA, FLT1, IKKβ, KLF9, and FBLN5. Reproductive Sciences, 19(8), 786-796. PMID: 22569286
  • Pavone, M. E., & Bulun, S. E. (2012). Aromatase inhibitors for the treatment of endometriosis. Fertility and Sterility, 98(6), 1370-1379. PMID: 22999792
  • Roy, A., Perkins, N. J., & Buck Louis, G. M. (2012). Assessing chemical mixtures and human health: use of Bayesian belief net analysis. Journal of Environmental Protection, 3(6), 462-468. PMID: 23125944
  • Santamaria, X., Massasa, E. E., & Taylor, H.S. (2012). Migration of cells from experimental endometriosis to the uterine endometrium. Endocrinology, 153(11), 5566-5574. PMID: 22968642
  • Sokalska, A., Cress, A., Bruner-Tran, K. L., Osteen, K. G., Taylor, H. S., Ortega, I., et al. (2012). Simvastatin decreases invasiveness of human endometrial stromal cells. Biology of Reproduction, 87(1), 2, 1-6. PMID: 22492974
  • Wieser, F., Wu, J., Shen, Z., Taylor, R. N., & Sidell, N. (2012). Retinoic acid suppresses growth of lesions, inhibits peritoneal cytokine secretion, and promotes macrophage differentiation in an immunocompetent mouse model of endometriosis. Fertility and Sterility, 97(6), 1430-1437. PMID: 22464761
  • Zelenko, Z., Aghajanova, L., Irwin, J. C., & Giudice, L.C. (2012). Nuclear receptor, coregulator signaling, and chromatin remodeling pathways suggest involvement of the epigenome in the steroid hormone response of endometrium and abnormalities in endometriosis. Reproductive Science, 19(2), 152-62. PMID: 22138541
  • Stratton, P., & Berkley, K.J. (2011). Chronic pelvic pain and endometriosis: Translational evidence of the relationship and implications. Human Reproduction Update, 17(3), 327-346. PMID: 21106492
  • Hsu, A. L., Sinaii, N., Segars, J., Nieman, L. K., & Stratton, P. (2011). Relating pelvic pain location to surgical findings of endometriosis. Obstetrics and Gynecology, 118(2 Pt 1), 223-230. PMID: 21775836
  • Sheldon, E., Vo, K. C., McIntire, R. A., Aghajanova, L., Zelenko, Z., Irwin, J. C., et al. (2011). Biobanking human endometrial tissue and blood specimens: Standard operating procedure and importance to reproductive biology research and diagnostic development. Fertility and Sterility, 95(6), 2120-2122. PMID: 21371706
  • Stegmann, B. J., Funk, M. J., Sinaii, N., Hartmann, K. E., Segars, J., Nieman, L. K., et al. (2009). A logistic model for the prediction of endometriosis. Fertility and Sterility, 91(1), 51-55. PMID: 18462722

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