Cushing Syndrome: Researchers and Health Care Providers

For Researchers

  • American Academy of Family Physicians External Web Site Policy
    The site has an article describing clinical manifestations of Cushing syndrome focused on Cushing disease and describes diagnostic steps.
  • Cushing's Support and Research Foundation External Web Site Policy
    The foundation raises and distributes funds for research.
  • ERCUSYN External Web Site Policy
    This is a European register on Cushing syndrome.
  • Jackson Laboratory External Web Site Policy
    This repository has a JAX mouse model useful for studying corticosterone excess and its profound developmental effects.
  • National Center for Biotechnology
    This NIH center provides resources about various aspects of Cushing syndrome, including research tools.
  • Orphanet External Web Site Policy
    This site maintains, updates, and develops free information about rare diseases and orphan drugs based on information from international sources.

For Health Care Providers

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