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The following featured articles include those from NICHD researchers or NICHD-supported researchers.

  • Divasta, A. D., Feldman, H. A., Beck, T. J., Leboff, M. S., & Gordon, C. M. (2013). Does hormone replacement normalize bone geometry in adolescents with anorexia nervosa? Journal of Bone and Mineral Research [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 23744513
  • Duren, D. L., Seselj, M., Froehle, A. W., Nahhas, R. W., & Sherwood, R. J. (2013). Skeletal growth and the changing genetic landscape during childhood and adulthood. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 150(1), 48–57. PMID: 23283664
  • Hui, S. K., Fairchild, G. R., Kidder, L. S., Sharma, M., Bhattacharya, M., Jackson, S., et al. (2013). The influence of therapeutic radiation on the patterns of bone remodeling in ovary-intact and ovariectomized mice. Calcified Tissue International, 92(4), 372–384. PMID: 23314741
  • Tom, S. E., Adachi, J. D., Anderson, F. A. Jr., Boonen, S., Chapurlat, R. D., Compston, J. E., et al. (2013). Frailty and fracture, disability, and falls: A multiple country study from the global longitudinal study of osteoporosis in women. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 61(3), 327–334. PMID: 23351064
  • Warden, S. J., Hill, K. M., Ferira, A. J., Lainq, E. M., Martin, B. R., Hausman, D. B., et al. (2013). Racial differences in cortical bone and their relationship to biochemical variables in Black and White children in the early stages of puberty. Osteoporosis International, 24(6), 1869–1879. PMID: 23093348
  • Berenson, A. B., & Rahman, M. (2012). Effect of hormonal contraceptives on vitamin B12 level and the association of the latter with bone mineral density. Contraception, 86(5), 481–487. PMID: 22464408
  • Devlin, M. J., & Bouxsein, M. L. (2012). Influence of pre- and peri-natal nutrition on skeletal acquisition and maintenance. Bone, 50(2), 444–451. PMID: 21723972
  • Divasta, A. D., Feldman, H. A., Giancaterino, C., Rosen, C. J., Leboff, M. S., & Gordon, C. M. (2012). The effect of gonadal and adrenal steroid therapy on skeletal health in adolescents and young women with anorexia nervosa. Metabolism, 61(7), 1010–1020. PMID: 22257645
  • Gahlot, M., Khadqawat, R., Ramot, R., Eunice, M., Ammini, A. C., Gupta, N., & Kalaivani, M. (2012). The effect of growth hormone deficiency on size-corrected bone mineral measures in pre-pubertal children. Osteoporosis International, 23(8), 2211–2217. PMID: 22071483
  • Johnson, W., Stovitz, S. D., Choh, A. C., Czerwinski, S. A., Towne, B., & Demerath, E. W. (2012). Patterns of linear growth and skeletal maturation from birth to 18 years of age in overweight young adults. International Journal of Obesity, 36(4), 535–541. PMID: 22124455
  • Lodish, M. B., Mastroyannis, S. A., Sinaii, N., Boikos, S. A., & Stratakis, C. A. (2012). Known VDR polymorphisms are not associated with bone mineral density measures in pediatric Cushing disease. Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology & Metabolism, 25(1–2), 221–223. PMID: 22570981
  • Seselj, M., Nahhas, R. W., Sherwood, R. J., Chumlea, W. C., Towne, B., & Duren, D. L. (2012). The influence of age at menarche on cross-sectional geometry of bone in young adulthood. Bone, 51(1), 38–45. PMID: 22513271
  • Wren, T. A., Shepherd, J. A., Kalkwarf, H. J., Zemel, B. S., Lappe, J. M., & Oberfield, S. (2012). Racial disparity in fracture risk between white and nonwhite children in the United States. Journal of Pediatrics, 161(6), 1035–1040. PMID: 22974572
  • Gilsanz, V., Chalfant, J., Kalkwarf, H., Zemel, B., Lappe, J., Oberfield, S., et al. (2011). Age at onset of puberty predicts bone mass in young adulthood. Journal of Pediatrics, 158(1), 100–105, 105e1–105e2. PMID: 20797727
  • Zemel, B. S., Kalkwarf, H. J., Gilsanz, V., Lappe, J. M., Oberfield, S., Shepherd, J. A., et al. (2011). Revised reference curves for bone mineral content and areal bone mineral density according to age and sex for black and non-black children: Results of the bone mineral density in childhood study. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 96(10), 3160–3169. PMID: 21917867
  • Barnes, A. M., Carter, E. M., Cabral, W. A., Weis, M., Chang, W., Makareeva, E., et al. (2010). Lack of cyclophilin B in osteogenesis imperfecta with normal collagen folding. New England Journal of Medicine, 362(6), 521–528. PMID: 20089953
  • Kalkwarf, H., Gilsanz, V., Lappe, J. M., Oberfield, S., Shepherd, J. A., Hangartner, T. N., et al. (2010). Tracking of bone mass and density during childhood and adolescence. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 95(4), 1690–1698. PMID: 20194709
  • Zemel, B. S., Leonard, M. B., Kelly, A., Lappe, J. M., Gilsanz, V., Oberfield, S., et al. (2010). Height adjustment in assessing dual energy x-ray absorptiometry measurements of bone mass and density in children. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 95(3), 1265–1273. PMID: 20103654

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