How much calcium do children & teens need?

Calcium needs differ depending on a child's age:1

At ages Children and teens should consume this much calcium every day:
Younger than 6 months 200 mg/day
6 ot 12 months 260 mg/day
1 to 3 years 700 mg/day
4 to 8 years 1,000 mg/day
9 to 13 years 1,300 mg/day
14 to 18 years 1,300 mg/day
young girl eating health sandwich; text on bottom: How much calcium do my kids need?
Many children and teens do not get enough calcium. One large survey found that among children aged 9 to 13 years, only about 12% of girls and 17% of boys consumed the recommended daily amount of calcium. For older teens, 42% of boys and only 10% of girls consumed enough calcium daily.2

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