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Amenorrhea: Scientific Articles

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Featured Articles

The following featured articles are from NICHD-supported researchers:

  • Ackerman, K. E., Patel, K. T., Guereca, G., Pierce, L., Herzog, D. B., & Misra, M. (2013). Cortisol secretory parameters in young exercisers in relation to LH secretion and bone parameters. Clinical Endocrinology, 78(1), 114-119. PMID: 22671919
  • Bethea, C. L., Kim, A., & Cameron, J. L. (2013). Function and innervation of the locus ceruleus in a macaque model of Functional Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. Neurobiology of Disease, 50, 96-106. PMID: 23069677
  • Ackerman, K. E., Slusarz, K., Guereca, G., Pierce, L., Slattery, M., Mendes, N., et al. (2012). Higher ghrelin and lower leptin secretion are associated with lower LH secretion in young amenorrheic athletes compared with eumenorrheic athletes and controls. American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism, 302(7), E800−806. PMID: 22252944
  • Ackerman, K. E., Putman, M., Guereca, G., Taylor, A. P., Pierce, L., Herzog, D. B., et al. (2012). Cortical microstructure and estimated bone strength in young amenorrheic athletes, eumenorrheic athletes and non-athletes. Bone, 51(4), 680-687. PMID: 22878154
  • Caronia, L. M., Martin, C., Welt, C. K., Sykiotis, G. P., Quinton, R., Thambundit, A, et al. A genetic basis for functional hypothalamic amenorrhea. New England Journal of Medicine, 364(3), 215-225. PMID: 21247312
  • Ghadami, M., El-Demerdash, E., Zhang, D., Salama, S. A., Binhazim, A. A., Archibong, A. E., et al. (2013). Bone marrow transplantation restores follicular maturation and steroid hormones production in a mouse model for primary ovarian failure. PLoS One, 7(3), e32462. PMID: 22412875
  • Gianetti, E., Hall, J. E., Au, M. G., Kaiser, U. B., Quinton, R., Stewart, J. A., et al. (2012). When genetic load does not correlate with phenotypic spectrum: lessons from the GnRH receptor (GNRHR). Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 97(9), E1798-1807. PMID: 22745237
  • Lomniczi, A., Garcia-Rudaz, C., Ramakrishnan, R., Wilmot, B., Khouangsathiene, S., Ferguson, B., et al. (2012). A single-nucleotide polymorphism in the EAP1 gene is associated with amenorrhea/oligomenorrhea in nonhuman primates. Endocrinology, 153(1), 339-349. PMID: 22128021
  • Pastore, L. M., Young, S. L., Baker, V. L., Karns, L. B., Williams, C. D., & Silverman, L. M. (2012). Elevated prevalence of 35-44 FMR1 trinucleotide repeats in women with diminished ovarian reserve. Reproductive Sciences, 19(11), 1226-1231. PMID: 22581803
  • Senashova, O., Reddy, A. P., Cameron, J. L., & Bethea, C. L. (2012). The effect of citalopram on midbrain CRF receptors 1 and 2 in a primate model of stress-induced amenorrhea. Reproductive Sciences, 19(6), 623-632. PMID: 22412189
  • McGuire, M. M., Bowden, W., Engel, N. J., Ahn, H.W., Kovanci, E., & Rajkovic, A. (2011) Genomic analysis using high-resolution single-nucleotide polymorphism arrays reveals novel microdeletions associated with premature ovarian failure. Fertility and Sterility, 95, 1595−1600. PMID: 21256485

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