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Adrenal Gland Disorders: For Researchers and Health Care Providers

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2011 Annual Report of the NICHD Division of Intramural Research

This report highlights the NICHD’s research on adrenal gland disorders, including research by the Section on Endocrinology and Genetics and the Program in Developmental Endocrinology and Genetics.

Endocrine Fellows Foundation

This nonprofit organization’s mission is to foster the advancement of fellows in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism through mentoring, education, research funding, and career support.

Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, OncoLink

This website gives cancer patients, families, health care providers, and the general public cancer-related information at no charge. Resources include comprehensive information about specific types of cancer, updates on cancer treatments and clinical trials, and links to supportive services.

Young Active Research in Endocrinology

This organization works to increase the mutual exchange between young scientists in the initial stages of their careers, with the goal of improving communication and collaboration.

The Endocrine Society

The Endocrine Society works to foster a greater understanding of endocrinology among the general public and practitioners of complementary medical disciplines and to promote the interests of all endocrinologists at the national scientific research and health policy levels of government.

Life Raft Group, Carney’s Triad

The Life Raft Group is a nonprofit organization providing support through information, education, and innovative research to patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). The group’s website includes a page with extensive information on the Carney Triad, links to published studies, and a section for medical professionals.

Life Raft Group, Carney-Stratakis Syndrome Explained

This page on the Life Raft Group’s website includes information on Carney-Stratakis syndrome and the two scientists for whom it is named, P. Aidan Carney, M.D., a pathologist at the Mayo Clinic, and Constantine Stratakis, M.D., head of the NICHD’s Section on Endocrinology and Genetics.

GIST Support International, GIST Clinical Trials

This website includes information on GIST clinical trials.

Please note: Links to organizations and information included on this page do not indicate endorsement from the NICHD, NIH, or HHS.