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What are the treatments for PCOS?

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Because PCOS has a broad range of symptoms, health care providers may use a variety of treatments for this condition and its symptoms.1

The treatment(s) your health care provider suggests will depend on:

  • Your symptoms
  • Your other health problems
  • Whether you want to get pregnant

Because some of the common treatments for PCOS symptoms can prevent pregnancy or may harm the fetus during pregnancy, it's important to discuss your fertility goals with your health care provider while discussing treatment options. Be sure you fully understand your treatment options and their effects on pregnancy before deciding on a course of treatment.

You should also discuss the risks of treatments with your health care provider. All treatments have risks, and some of them can be serious. Also, some unhealthy lifestyle factors such as smoking can increase these risks, and thus you should discuss with your health care provider the best way to eliminate these practices.

  1. Radosh, L. (2009). Drug treatments for polycystic ovary syndrome. American Family Physician, 79, 671–676.[top]

Last Reviewed: 05/23/2013
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