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NICHD Pediatric Terminology Publication, Version, & Viewing Information

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NICHD Pediatric Terminology Publication Schedule

NICHD Pediatric Terminology is developed and revised on an ongoing basis. The most current version is published in NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) every month. The database is reconciled the last Monday of every month, and the files are posted during the following two weeks. The version name appears as YR.MOweek. An example is 11.02d which corresponds to the year 2011, the month of February, and the "d" refers to the fourth Monday of the month.

Each month a change file is published, which describes the changes that have been made to the terminology. The change file is available on the NCI EVS ftp site (

How to View NICHD Pediatric Terminology

NCI Enterprise Vocabulary Services (EVS)

The most recent version of NICHD Pediatric terminology files, as well as archived versions, are available for viewing and download on the NCI EVS ftp site (

NICHD terminology files are available for download in three formats:

  1. NICHD.txt – Downloadable NICHD terminology file, in tab-delimited text format
  2. NICHD.xls – Downloadable NICHD terminology file, in Microsoft Excel 2003 format
  3. NICHD.xlsx – Downloadable NICHD terminology file, in Microsoft Excel 2007 format

The following files are also available for viewing on the site:

  • Changes.txt – Describes the changes between the current version of the NICHD terminology and the prior version
  • Hierarchy.txt – A textual representation of the hierarchy of NICHD terms. The terms in this hierarchy, which are restricted to NICHD terms only, do not necessarily have a direct parent-child relationship within the NCI Thesaurus (NCIt)
  • Version.txt – A text file that contains the version of the NCI Thesaurus that corresponds to the current spreadsheet data
  • Archive – Prior versions of the terminology files

Further information about these files is available on the NCI EVS ftp site ( which provides general information about downloading terminology files from the ftp site, as well as information about the other files available for viewing on the ftp site.

Questions about these files can be sent to

NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) Browser

The NCIt Browser is a web-based terminology browser that allows users to browse and search the NCI Thesaurus (NCIt). The terminology information published through the NCIt Browser is retrieved via LexEVS. The most recent NICHD Pediatric Terminology, as well as other terminologies, is available for browsing.

The NCIt Browser is available at:

National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO) BioPortal

NICHD Pediatric Terminology is available for download in OWL format from the National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO) BioPortal. The BioPortal allows for hierarchical visualization and searching of the NICHD Pediatric Terminology within its native hierarchy. Users can post comments on the terminology on this site.

The BioPortal is available at: External Web Site Policy.

Last Reviewed: 05/29/2013
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