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Bezrukov, Sergey

Formal Title:

Senior Investigator





9 MEMORIAL DR Room 1N124, MSC 0924
Bethesda Md 20892-0924
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Bethesda Md 20892

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Dr. Sergey Michael Bezrukov is the Chief of the Section on Molecular Transport, Program in Physical Biology, NICHD/NIH, a position he has held since October 2002. Dr. Bezrukov’s section combines physical theory with experiments on bacterial, mitochondrial, and toxin-induced membrane channels, reconstituted in planar lipid bilayers in order to address fundamental questions of membrane transport. This line of research serves as the basis for the development of new approaches to treatment of many diseases where regulation of transport through ion channels plays the key role.

Dr. Bezrukov received his M.S. in physics from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia, Ph.D. in biophysics from Moscow State University, and D.Sci. in physics and mathematics from the Russian Academy of Sciences. He started his career as a researcher at the St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute in Russia and moved to United States in 1990, first as a visiting research professor at the University of Maryland. In 1992, he joined the National Institutes of Health as a visiting scientist. He was awarded NIH tenure in 2002. Dr. Bezrukov has authored numerous scientific papers, five of them published in Nature (London). He has organized and chaired many international meetings and workshops. Dr. Bezrukov’s recent honors include election to Fellowship in the American Physical Society (2009) and the NIH Director’s Award in Science and Medicine (2010).

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