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White, Della Brown


Dr. Della Brown White oversees the Population Dynamics Branch programs on individual-level and community-based behavioral research on reproductive health, including HIV/AIDS. Dr. White also coordinates the NICHD extramural community-based participatory research programs and manages a program supporting research administration at non-research intensive institutions. Before joining the Population Dynamics Branch in 2016, Dr. White was a Program Official in the NICHD Office of Health Equity. She continues to direct several activities aimed at reducing health disparities and fostering a diverse biomedical and behavioral workforce. Dr. White’s research has focused on improving health outcomes among minority and underserved populations. She has conducted studies focusing in two primary areas: (1) understanding social and cultural factors that influence access to and participation in existing and emerging health technologies (e.g., weight loss interventions and genetic testing, respectively); and (2) examining factors that influence health outcomes among racial/ethnic minority populations participating in health behavior change interventions. Dr. White earned her Ph.D. in health education and health promotion at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and received her B.S. in chemistry from Alabama State University. Dr. White completed postdoctoral training in public health genomics within the Social and Behavioral Research Branch, Division of Intramural Research at the National Human Genome Research Institute.


Publications (PubMed):

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