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Maholmes, Valerie

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We develop and promote, within the broad mission of the NICHD, specific projects designed to foster and expand research and research training in the areas of pediatric trauma (including psychological and physical trauma) and critical illness. In collaboration with colleagues at NICHD, NIH ICs, and other agencies, we initiate and conduct conferences and workshops to assess the state of the science on relevant topics, identify gaps in our knowledge, and develop strategies to fill those gaps.





6710B ROCKLEDGE DRIVE Room 2336, MSC 7002
Bethesda ,MD 20817


Dr. Valerie Maholmes is currently the Chief of the Pediatric Trauma and Critical Illness Branch at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development where she leads the Branch in supporting research and training in trauma, injury and critical illness across the continnuum of care.   She serves on numerous NIH and Federal Interagency working groups to further the mission and goals of the Branch.

Prior to joining the staff at NICHD she was a faculty member at the Yale School of Medicine in the Child Study Center where for nearly 13 years she served in numerous capacities including Director of Research and Policy for the School Development Program and provided an array of educational, clinical and technical support services to schools in low-income neighborhoods and communities around the country to promote child health and well-being.   In 1999 she was named the Irving B. Harris Assistant Professor of Child Psychiatry.  

In 2003, Dr. Maholmes was awarded the prestigious Executive Branch Science Policy Fellowship sponsored by the Society for Research in Child Development and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 


Featured Items:

Maholmes, V., & King, R (2012).  Oxford Handbook on Child Development and Poverty.  Oxford University Press: New York, NY

Maholmes, V. (2012), Adjustment of Children and Youth in Military Families: Toward Developmental Understandings. Child Development Perspectives, 6: 430–435. doi: 10.1111/j.1750-8606.2012.00256.x

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McCardle, P., McCune, S., Griffin, James A., Maholmes, V. (2011).  How Animals Affect Us: Examining the influence of human-animal interaction on child development and human health. American Psychological Association: Washington, DC

 Maholmes, V., Nicholson, CE, Haverkos, L., Boyce, C (2008).  Research Directions in Child Neglect and Exposure to Violence.  Protecting Children. 22, 10-17

Maholmes, V., & Lomonaco, C (2010) Applied Research on Child and Adolescent Development: A Practical Guide.  Taylor & Francis: Mahwah, NJ

 A United States Government Interagency Approach to Assisting the World's Most Vulnerable Children. External Web Site Policy (PDF - 1.27 MB)

Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.  Contagion of Violence Workshop Summary October 3, 2012/  Forum on Global Violence Prevention External Web Site Policy

Translational Research on Child Neglect Consortium: Research on Child Neglect, Progress Over a Decade


Publications (PubMed):

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BOND National Institues of Health Home Home Division of Intramural Population Health Research