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Davis, Maurice

Formal Title:

Health Scientist Administrator





6710B ROCKLEDGE DRIVE Room 2317C, MSC 7002
Bethesda ,MD 20817

Topics in my portfolio:


Maurice Davis, M.P.A., M.H.S.A., is a health scientist administrator in the Pregnancy and Perinatology Branch (PPB) at the NICHD. He received his Masters of Public Administration and Masters of Health Services Administration from Grambling State University.  He joined PPB in 2012 to assist as the study coordinator/program officer to the Nulliparous Pregnancy Outcomes Study: Monitoring Mother's to be (nuMoM2b Research Network). NuMoM2b began in 2010 and studies pregnant women who will be delivering for the first time (nulliparous women). The study evaluates the underlying and interrelated mechanisms of several common adverse pregnancy outcomes, which can be unpredictable in women who have little or no pregnancy history to help guide their treatment. The results of this study will help inform health care providers and their patients who are pregnant or considering pregnancy. 

Maurice joined the NICHD's Division of Epidemiology, Statistics, and Prevention Research in 2002, to assist as study coordinator/program officer with the Washington, D.C. Initiative to Reduce Infant Mortality in Minority Populations. His research interests include health disparity issues that affect minority populations, specifically minority children's perceptions of health careers, as well disparity issues around infant mortality.


Publications (PubMed):

NIH-DC initiative to reduce infant mortality in minority populations in Washington, DC: history and lessons learned.
Attitudes, experience, and anticipation of sex among 5th graders in an urban setting: does gender matter?
Evaluation of a randomized intervention to delay sexual initiation among fifth-graders followed through the sixth grade.
Efficacy of a randomized cell phone-based counseling intervention in postponing subsequent pregnancy among teen mothers.
BOND National Institues of Health Home Home Division of Intramural Population Health Research