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Simons Morton, Bruce

Formal Title:

Senior Investigator


I lead an intramural research group that studies adolescent health behavior, including substance use, social influence, and novice teenage driving





6100 EXECUTIVE BLVD Room 7B13M, MSC 7510
Bethesda Md 20892-7510
For FedEx use:
Rockville Md 20852

Topics in my portfolio:


Bruce Simons-Morton, Ed.D., M.P.H., is a senior investigator who joined the NICHD 1992, and was appointed Branch Chief in 1997. His primary research interests are early adolescent problem behavior prevention and the prevention of motor vehicle crashes among novice young drivers. His research focuses on both risk assessment and the development and evaluation of effective interventions. He is the author of over 200 publications, inlcuding 3 books, including Behavior Theory in Health Promotion Practice and Research (Jones & Bartlett, 2011).

Curriculum Vitae for Bruce Simons-Morton in PDF (PDF - 362 KB)
Curriculum Vitae for Bruce Simons-Morton in HTML


Featured Items:

Simons-Morton, B.G., Zhang, Z., Jackson, J.C., Albert, P.S. (2012).  Do Elevated Gravitational-Force Events While Driving Predict Crashes and Near Crashes? Am J Epidemiol, 175(10), 1075-1079.  PMID: 22271924; doi:1093/aje/kwr440

Simons-Morton, B.G., Cheon, K., Guo, F., & Albert, P. (2012). Trajectories of Kinematic Risky Driving Among Novice Teenagers. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 51C:27-32. PMID: 23182780.

Hingson, R., Zha, W., Iannotti, R.J., Simons-Morton, B.G.  (2013).  Physician Advice to Adolescents About Drinking and other Health Behaviors. Pediatrics, Feb;131(2):249-57. doi: 10.1542/peds.2012-1496. Epub 2013 Jan 28; PMID 23359580.

Simons-Morton, B.G., Bingham, R., Ouimet, M.C., Pradhan, A., Chen, R., Barretto, A., Shope, J.  (2013). The Effect on Teenage Risky Driving of Feedback From a Safety Monitoring System: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Adolescent Health, 53, 21-26. NIMS 430605

Klauer, S., Guo, F., Simons-Morton, B.G., Dingus, T.  (2013). The effect of Distraction on CNC Among Novice Teen and Adult Drivers. New England Journal of Medicine, 370, 54-59. PMID: 24738680

 Simons-Morton, B.G., Guo, F., Klauer, S.G., Ehsani, J.P., Pradhan, A.K. (2014). Keep your eyes on the road: Young driver crash risk increases according to duration of distraction. Journal of Adolescent Health. 54, S61-S67. PMID: 24759443

 Falk, E.B., Cascio, C.N., Carp, J., Tinney, F. O’Donnell, M.B., Bingham, R., Shope, J., Pradhan, A.K., Simons-Morton, B.G.  (2014). Neural responses to exclusion predict susceptibility to social influence. Journal of Adolescent Health.  54(5S), S22-S31. PMID: 24759437


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