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Winer, Karen

Formal Title:

Medical Officer


Dr. Winer is the director of the pediatric endocrinology program which focuses on bone health, disorders of growth and puberty, metabolic syndrome, malnutrition, obesity, and diabetes. Her other areas of interest include studies related to the determinants of peak bone mass and muscle-bone interactions during infancy and childhood. Dr. Winer is the program director for the Child Health Research Centers, a national junior faculty level training program for pediatrician scientists.





6100 EXECUTIVE BLVD Room 4B11, MSC 7510
Bethesda Md 20892-7510
For FedEx use:
Rockville Md 20852


Karen Winer, M.D., a board-certified pediatric endocrinologist, completed her pediatric residency training at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, and her subspecialty training in pediatric endocrinology at the NIH. During her fellowship years, she was the first to study parathyroid hormone (PTH) replacement therapy in the treatment of hypoparathyroidism.  She established the safety and efficacy of PTH delivered by single and multiple daily injections. Recently, she further optimized PTH replacement therapy through the use of a continuous pump in both adults and children.   Dr. Winer joined the Endocrinology, Nutrition, Growth Branch in 1998 to direct and develop programs in pediatric endocrinology, bone health, and osteoporosis prevention.  In 2001, she established Diabetes Research in Children Network (DirecNet) to develop the artificial pancreas.   Additionally, she established another highly acclaimed pediatric research network, the Bone Mineral Density in Childhood Study (BMDCS).  She has received the NIH Director’s and the NICHD Director’s awards for her work.  She is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.


Featured Items:

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Publications (PubMed):

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