Wendy Wang

Student Volunteer

626 410 3834

Wendy Wang joined OHE in 2023 as a student volunteer, working on projects that identify ways to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility within NICHD. She is heavily involved in OHE’s outreach and engagement efforts, with a focus on raising awareness about how to increase inclusion and representation in research, especially for individuals with disabilities. She also has presented at research conferences on strategies to improve the accessibility of clinical trials for individuals with disabilities and worked to engage the research community in discussions on this topic. 

Ms. Wang is currently studying cognitive neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis. Her career goal is to become a pain management physician with a focus on integrative medicine, incorporating health care equity and accessibility through patient education, active community engagement, and inclusive clinical practice. Her undergraduate research has focused on the accessibility of health care equipment and health care access for individuals with vascular anomalies. She also volunteers as an on-campus emergency medical technician, offering free health care in emergency situations, and as a hospice volunteer, providing relief to caregivers by assisting with their tasks. Her work reflects her commitment to promoting health equity and ensuring that research and health care are inclusive and accessible to all communities.

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