Jennifer Jackson, Ph.D.

Health Program Specialist

301 827 7290
BG 6710B RM 2161B

Jennifer Jackson, Ph.D., joined NIH in 2013 as a research engineer in the Functional and Applied Biomechanics Lab in the Rehabilitation Medicine Department in the Clinical Center, where she studied human joint function using MRI techniques, with an emphasis on mechanisms underlying idiopathic knee pain. In 2016, she participated in a detail with the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research (NCMRR) at NICHD as a program analyst and joined full-time as a health program specialist in early 2017. Her main focus is on analyzing NCMRR’s and NIH’s rehabilitation research portfolios in relation to the latest NIH Rehabilitation Research Plan approved by Congress in late 2016. Dr. Jackson is using her programming background to develop new techniques, like automatic coding algorithms, for analyzing large portfolios.

Dr. Jackson received her bachelor’s degree with honors in aerospace engineering and her master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Central Florida. Her research, a collaboration between the Mechanical Engineering and Forensics Departments, involved investigating the degradation of the human intervertebral disc as an estimator of post-mortem interval. This research was featured on The Discovery Channel in 2003. From there, Dr. Jackson went on to get master’s and doctoral degrees in biomedical engineering at the University of Florida. She developed computational patient-specific full-body walking models, including foot-ground contact models, to investigate rehabilitation strategies for impaired populations.

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