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Mayer Lab: Section on Neurophysiology and Biophysics

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Picture 1

The home x-ray lab has a Mar 345 DTB image plate detector, a Rigaku microfocus x-ray generator with confocal optics, and an X-stream 2000 cryo system. We have regularly scheduled access to beam time at APS. The MAR is controlled by a linux box. For data analysis we use multicore Mac Xeon and G5s running SBGrid for HKL2000, SOLVE, CNS, Phenix and CCP4. We have 4 stereo capable Macs for model bulding with Coot.

Picture 2

Protein purification is performed in our cold room which has two ATKA systems. It’s a nice refuge from the hot weather, but most people wear a jacket even in the summer! We also have a room temperature FPLC with Wyatt multi angle and refractive index detectors for MW analysis and an HPLC with autosampler and online fluoresence detector for characterizing GFP fusion proteins. We share a cell culture room for growing HEK cells for physiology and insect cells for eukaryotic protein expression.

Picture 3

In the wet lab we have standard equipment for large scale protein purification and analysis including high capacity refrigerated shakers, an Avestin cell disruptor, a Phastgel system, PAGE and Western mini gel apparatus, UV/vis spectrophotometer, multiple centrifuges, and a dynamic light scattering apparatus. There is a separate hot room. A core facility is available for Mass Spec, Edman sequencing and DNA sequencing. We have access to a SPEX fluorimeter in the Mindell lab and to analytical ultracentrifuges with interference optics.

Picture 4

To analyse ion channel function 'in vivo' we have a patch clamp rig with fluoresence optics and high speed piezo perfusion systems and a TEVC oocyte rig with a computer controlled micro perfusion system.

Picture 5

Crystal trays are setup in a small room equipped with 20 and 4 °C incubators, a digital photomicroscope, multiple electronic pipettes, and a CD player to play music for crystal growth (from Neil Young, The Clash to Baroque Opera). We also have a Mosquito nl pipetting robot for setting up 96 well trays. We have regular beam time at APS SERCAT ID22 which is just a short drive from O'hare airport in Chicago.

Last Reviewed: 11/30/2012

Contact Information

Name: Dr Mark L Mayer
Senior Investigator
Section on Neurophysiology and Biophysics
Phone: 301-496-9346
Fax: 301-496-2396

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