Zeiss LSM 880 Upright 2-Photon

Zeiss LSM 880 Upright 2-photon

The Zeiss 880 2-photon is designed for physiology experiments that requires deep penetration in tissues that only 2-photon infra-red excitation can provide. 

Laser lines: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 594 and 633 nm

Spectra-Physics Mai-Tai HP laser: 690-1040 nm, pulse < 100 fs, 2.5W at 800 nm.

Detectors: 1 PMT, 1 34-channel GAsP spectral, 1 cooled PMT

2-photon detectors: 2 GAsP PMT (BIG) or 2 GAsP PMT (nosepiece)

Emission filters: 370-740 nm continuous, green / red cubes on IR

Objectives: 20x/1.0 W Plan Apochromat (w, dunking), 20x/1.0 W Plan Apochromat (w, coverslip), 40x/1.0 W Plan Apochromat (w, dunking)

(additional special-purpose objectives are available on request. Use extenders with all regular 45 mm objectives)

Visible and infra-red DIC available

Live tissue slices: temperature and gas control via perfusion

Live animal microscopy requires an animal protocol, extensive experience in the surgery involved, and a heavy experimental setup. Consult the staff before starting any project. 

Prior z-deck customizable xy stage

Multi-location and tiles fully supported (tiling quality may be limited by the nature of the xy stage)

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