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Developmental Endocrine Oncology and Genetics

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The mission and vision of the Developmental Endocrine Oncology and Genetics Group is to 1) establish new and improved methods, strategies, technologies, and algorithms for the diagnosis, localization, and management of various endocrine tumors, 2) explain the molecular basis for different clinical presentations and establish pathways of tumorigenesis for these tumors, 3) search for new molecular, genetic, proteomic, and metabolomic markers for the development of better diagnosis and localization and seek novel targets for the treatment of metastatic endocrine tumors and biomarkers for predicting responses to therapies, 4) facilitate the implementation of newly available diagnostic techniques and treatment options, including the initiation of new clinical trials, 5) facilitate new and improved intramural, national, and international collaborations, interdisciplinary studies, and team approaches, and 6) facilitate the establishment of national and international databases/networks and train physician-scientists in endocrine tumors.

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