BBB Research: Analyzing Data with Measurement Error and Missingness

BBB investigators, in collaboration with the Epidemiology Branch, are developing new methods for analyzing both exposure and outcome data, which suffers from measurement error and missing data. Ignoring or insufficiently addressing measurement error or missing data can lead to substantial loss of efficiency and bias. Measurement error is considered from a variety of perspectives and sources, from detection limits to batch variation and intra-individual variability, with an equally diverse set of methods to address these errors. BBB investigators are also developing missing data implications and techniques to conduct proper inference.

Principal Investigators

Neil J. Perkins, Ph.D., and Aiyi Liu, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

Wu, M., Zhang, X., Zhang, W., Zhang, X., & Liu, A. (in press). Error-corrected estimation of a diagnostic accuracy index of a biomarker against a continuous gold standard. Statistics in Medicine.

Chen, C., Shen, B., Liu, A., Wu, R., & Wang, M. (2020). A multiple robust propensity score method for longitudinal analysis with intermittent missing data. Biometrics. PMID: 32662124 

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Van Domelen, D. R., Mitchell, E. M., Perkins, N. J., Schisterman, E. F., Manatunga, A. K., Huang, Y., & Lyles, R. H. (2019). Gamma models for estimating the odds ratio for a skewed biomarker measured in pools and subject to errors. Biostatistics, kxz028. PMID: 31373355.

Perkins, N. J., Cole, S. R., Harel, O., Tchetgen, T. E. J., Sun, B. L., Mitchell, E. M., & Schisterman, E. F. (2017). Principled approaches to missing data in epidemiologic studies. American Journal of Epidemiology, 187(3), 568-575.  PMID: 29165572

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