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Epidemiology Branch (EB)

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EB Research - Methodological Research in Epidemiology

Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curves

The ROC curve is a useful and widely used analytical tool for assessing a biomarker's usefulness in distinguishing individuals with and without disease. An extensive literature exists for its estimation and application. Researchers here have made significant contributions to this literature in the following areas:

  • Estimating the ROC curve and summary measures accounting for various sources of measurement error
  • Using maximum likelihood under various distributional assumptions in both univariate and multivariate settings
  • Estimating the ROC curve and summary measures from measurements based on a pooling and hybrid design
  • Assessing efficiency and robustness of various techniques

This continued research will allow development and analysis of biomarkers under a wide variety of real world limitations and complications.

Principal Investigators

Enrique F. Schisterman, Ph.D. & Neil Perkins, Ph.D.

DIPHR Collaborators

Selected Publications

  • Perkins NJ,Schisterman EF, Vexler A. (2013). Multivariate Normally Distributed Biomarkers Subject to Limits of Detection and Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve Inference. Academic Radiology, 20(7):838–846. PMID:23747152
Last Reviewed: 09/09/2014

Contact Information

Name: Dr Enrique Fabian Schisterman
Chief and Senior Investigator
Epidemiology Branch
Phone: 301-435-6893
Fax: 301-402-2084

Staff Directory
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