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Pediatric Injury and Violence (PIV) Research Program

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The PIV program supports research on intentional and unintentional injuries and on the diagnosis and treatment of acute forms of child maltreatment―including abusive head trauma, sexual abuse, victimization, physical and psychological abuse, and all forms of child neglect. The program’s priorities include research on violence and violence-related injuries and on the prevention, treatment, and biomedical outcomes of violence. The PIV program encourages basic research, as well as epidemiologic, intervention, and treatment studies. Efforts to develop new methods and measurement tools to improve clinical outcomes are also encouraged. Specific areas of interest include:

  • Pediatric injury, including unintentional injuries and intentional or inflicted injuries in the medical, social service, or judicial setting
  • Basic, clinical, and epidemiological studies elucidating risks for injury
  • Prevention of unintentional injuries, including falls, concussion, fire-related burns and inhalation injuries, drowning, poisoning, animal bites, and motor vehicle and other injuries
  • Prevention of intentional or inflicted injuries including suicide and non-fatal self-injuries
  • Emergency medical response and follow-up services for unintentional, inflicted, suicidal, or self-injuries in children and adolescents and their family members
  • Early detection and accuracy of diagnosis in all acute forms of child abuse and/or neglect
  • Prevention and treatment of violence-related injuries, including but not limited to those associated with sexual assault and the use of firearms
  • Studies of global violence against children and effective prevention and treatment programs
  • Dissemination and implementation studies on violence prevention
  • Training and career development in child maltreatment research
Last Reviewed: 10/10/2014
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