Population Mobility and Spatial Demography Program

The scope of these types of studies within the Program includes representative studies of population mobility and its consequences, and spatial dimensions of health and population change.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Effects of population mobility on population health
  • Causes and consequences of population mobility and immigration
  • Interactions between health and mobility
  • Mobility and infectious disease transmission
  • Health and place
  • Effects of environmental change on population health
  • Reciprocal influences of population and environmental change
  • Immigrant adaptation and assimilation and immigrant health
  • Racial/ethnic variation among U.S. immigrants and how it changes with assimilation and across generations
  • Effects of population mobility on:
    • Sending and receiving communities, domestically and internationally
    • Other components of demographic change such as fertility
  • Effects of policy and economic conditions on mobility
  • Methodological research on improving data collection, analysis, and estimation in the area of population mobility
  • Applications of spatial econometrics and other methods to demographic processes

Individual or family-level interventions related to population mobility are not within the scope of the Branch’s research in this Program.

Contact: Dr. Regina Bures

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