Demography of Health Program

This research Program includes population-representative studies of the interrelations between demographic processes and health, and the health of populations, with a particular focus on children and families.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Trends in population health
  • Disparities in health, development, and productivity
  • Effects of policies and other population-level interventions on health
  • Relationship between population composition (e.g., income inequality, racial/ethnic composition, age/sex composition) and health
  • Effects of racial and ethnic diversity on population health and health disparities
  • Mechanisms through which racial/ethnic differences in health outcomes operate (e.g., culture, racism, and social constraints
  • Effects of health including mortality and morbidity on income and well-being
  • Human capital, education, and labor force participation and health
  • Economic development and health
  • Methods to advance research on:
    • Measurement and analysis of health status at aggregate levels
    • Temporal patterns of health and disease
    • Spatial distributions of health and disease

Contact: Dr. Juanita Chinn

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