Louis DePaolo, Ph.D.

Chief, FIB, DER


In his role as FIB Chief, Dr. Louis DePaolo provides oversight and leadership of the institute’s grant portfolio of basic, translational, and clinical studies on male and female fertility regulation. Dr. DePaolo received his doctorate degree in physiology from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and held faculty appointments at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio (tenured) and at the Salk and Whittier Institutes in California. During this period, he received research and career development support from NIH, resulting in the publication of more than 60 papers on the neuroendocrine control of reproduction.  

Since joining NICHD in 1994, Dr. DePaolo has established the reproductive neuroendocrinology and ovarian biology programs, as well as the National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility and the contraception and infertility research-focused loan repayment program, which became the first NIH extramural loan forgiveness program. He also initiated an interagency dual-purpose, dual-benefit program with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to support research addressing biomedicine and agriculture using animal models. In addition, he established a Visiting Scientist Award Program with the South Korean government, to allow Korean fellows and early faculty members to receive training in reproductive epidemiology and population surveillance at NICHD or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Under his leadership, branch staff have initiated programs aimed at increasing workforce diversity in the reproductive sciences and at enhancing community outreach and education efforts.

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