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Reproductive Neuroendocrinology

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This program, directed by Dr. Ravi Ravindranath, supports research that addresses the central neurobiological mechanisms governing gametogenesis and ovulation. Emphasis is placed on the cellular, molecular, genetic, and epigenetic mechanisms underpinning the neuroendocrine control of reproduction including sexual behavior and function across the lifespan.

A partial list of research priorities include:

  • Understanding the cellular and molecular events regulating the pulsatile secretion of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) and develop technologies that allow real-time in vivo monitoring of neuronal circuits
  • Examining the neurobiological function of glial cells in regulating GnRH
  • Studies designed to delineate the mechanisms involved in differential secretion of gonadotropins, and the interactions between the neuroendocrine and immune axes
  • Understanding the integration of systems approaches to Clock gene regulation of gametogenesis and ovulation
  • Exploration of system approaches that regulate the interplay between metabolic signals and the neuroendocrine system to control reproductive function and dysfunction
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