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Gordon Research Conference on Mutagenesis

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July 20-25, 2008


The 2008 Mutagenesis Gordon Conference will focus on the molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis that gives rise to genomic instability. In particular, the meeting will enhance our understanding of how mutagenesis occurs in the course of DNA replication and the immune response, and how mutagenesis leads to human genetic disease, cancer, neurodegeneration, and promotes aging. Over the course of four days, morning and evening sessions will focus on: (i) Mutagenesis due to blocked replication and transcription; (ii) Consequences of oxidative stress; (iii) Recombination induced genomic instability; (iv) Physiological mutagenesis in the immune response; (v) Rare human diseases associated with genomic instability, neurodegeneration and premature aging; (vi) Low-fidelity replication and cancer; (vii), Mechanisms of mutagenesis; and (viii) Signaling for repair; a mechanism to avoid excessive mutagenesis.

The full program is available at: External Web Site Policy

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