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NCMRR Symposium Posters & Exhibits

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Medical Rehabilitation On The Move: Spotlight On Bioengineering

Acosta, Ana Maria et al: Modeling Shoulder Function in Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

Amankwah, Kofi et al: Describing Passive Moments with a Nonlinear Viscoelastic Model

Daly, JJ , Ph.D. et al: Innovative FNS for Gait Restoration Post Stroke

Dean, Robert: Smart Variable-Geometry Socket (SVGS)

Fasoli, S. et al: Robot Assisted Therapy: A Novel Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation

Ferris, Daniel, Ph.D. et al: Abstract - Development of a myoelectrically controlled lower limb orthosis for human locomotion

Grill and Lemay: Control of Limb Motor Function By Intraspinal Microstimulation

Grill and Creasey: Electrical Detection And Abolition Of Bladder Hyper-Reflexia In Human Spinal Cord Injury

Harless, William G., Ph.D, : Virtual Conversations Amputee and Family Caregiver Series

Kirsch, Robert et al: Feasibility of EMG-based control of shoulder muscle FNS

Lupton, Neil: Using Talking Lights(Tm) Networks To Assist TBI Patients With Daily Inpatient Therapeutic Schedule

MacCready, Paul, Ph.D, : Technability, Technalegs, and Public Health

McIntyre, Cameron et al: Modeling the Excitability of Mammalian Nerve Fibers: Function Follows Form

Reinkensmeyer, David , Ph.D. et al: Using Mechatronic and Robotic Devices to Retrain Reaching and Locomotion following Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury

Roberts, Brock: Nextek Mobility Corporation

Scherer Marcia, Ph.D., M.P.H.,: Improving the Match of Person and Mobility Technology

Tarler, Matthew et al: Measurement Of Step Maximum And Average Force And Duration To Predict Foot Ulcers

Volunteers for Medical Engineering: Abstract

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