201601 Contraceptive Research Centers Program

Establishment of the Centers was directed in 1993 by an act of Congress under the Public Health Service Act (Public Law 103-42).  Approximately half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended.  Thus, there is a critical need for family planning approaches that fits the needs of women and men throughout their reproductive lives.  Additionally, a variety of contraceptive methods are needed to address the needs of people with different ethnic, cultural and religious values, those with inadequate access to services and those with changing needs related to age. 

The primary objective of this initiative is to create, support and facilitate multidisciplinary approaches to research involving the development of safe and effective new and/or improvement of existing contraceptive approaches for men and women.  In addition, the Centers will be expected to integrate the necessary biological research with behavioral research to better inform/understand/improve translation of contraceptive development.  The Centers also will serve as a national resource for career development of young scientists electing to pursue research in contraceptive discovery and development.

Program Contact

Min Lee
Contraception Research Branch


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