201505 Specialized Centers for Research in Pediatric Developmental Pharmacology

A request for applications (RFA) with set-aside is proposed, entitled “Specialized Centers for Research in Pediatric Developmental Pharmacology” using the U54 Cooperative Agreements grant mechanism. This is a republication of RFA-HD-10-026 that competed in 2011.

Children have been termed the therapeutic orphans of medicinal products due to the lack of adequate dosing information, age appropriate formulations, and efficacy and safety information. In 2011 OPPTB funded four Centers for Research in Pediatric Developmental Pharmacology (RPDP). These currently funded Centers have been very productive and have provided significant insight in several areas of pediatric developmental pharmacology.


The Obstetric and Pediatric Pharmacology Branch (OPPTB) proposes a re-competition of the Research Centers in Pediatric Developmental Pharmacology. These Centers will expand research in Pediatric Developmental pharmacology. They will continue to provide an arena for multidisciplinary interactions among basic and clinical scientists and will continue investigating the fundamental mechanisms of changes in drug disposition and response in pediatric populations. The Centers also will continue to serve as a national resource for training and career development.


The scope of this initiative is to support specialized translational pharmacology research programs of high quality, and to facilitate and accelerate the bidirectional transfer of knowledge between the laboratory and clinic. This process of translating research between the laboratory and clinic is a continuum that encompasses all aspects of knowledge transfer from non-human animal models to humans. However, the ultimate goal of supporting translational research through the RPDP is to improve the understanding and utilization of medicinal products in children.


This FOA is specifically designed to stimulate the pediatric pharmacology research community to organize and maintain research-based Centers of outstanding quality that, serving as national research resources, form a cooperative network with NICHD that fosters communication, innovation and high quality pediatric developmental pharmacology research. Such networking as afforded by the cooperative nature of this Centers program will ensure that the pediatric pharmacology research community remains in the forefront of the development and utilization of new technologies that can be used to understand developmental pharmacology.

Program Contact

Ekaterini Tsilou, M.D.,
Obstetric and Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics Branch


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