201505 Population Dynamics Centers Research Infrastructure FY 2016-FY 2020

A request for applications (RFA) is proposed, entitled “Population Dynamics Centers Research Infrastructure FY 2016-FY 2020” using the P2C Resource-Related Research Multi-Component Projects and Centers grant mechanism.


The purpose of this FOA is to advance the field of population dynamics research by increasing research impact, innovation, and productivity; develop junior scientists; and maximize the efficiency of research support.


This initiative will provide funding for research infrastructure cores at productive population research centers. Applicants will identify one or more scientific areas in which they expect to make their most significant scientific contributions within the next five years; these scientific areas must fall within the scope of the scientific scope of the Population Dynamics Branch—demography, population health and productivity, and social and behavioral research in reproductive health. In addition to a mandatory administrative core, applicants must request and justify scientifically for one or more of the following types of cores: development core; scientific/technical core (aimed at members of the center); public core (a scientific or technical core for the broader scientific community).


The primary objectives of this initiative are to:

  • Increase the scientific impact, innovation, productivity of population dynamics research;
  • Increase competitiveness for peer-reviewed external funding in population dynamics research;
  • Support career development experiences for junior population dynamics scientists that will contribute to their research independence; and
  • Maximize the efficiency of funding for population dynamics research by minimizing the financial and time burdens of providing administrative and other research support services associated with research projects.

A secondary objective is to:

  • Support the broad dissemination of data, methods, and materials in the field of population dynamics research.

Program Contact

Rebecca L. Clark, Ph.D.
Population Dynamics Branch


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